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Patagonia National Park

Patagonia, Chile




A very special place

This was the first of three stops at lodges on our 3-week visit to Patagonia. It was the perfect place to start. And to start, it was the perfect Explora Lodge. The remoteness of the lodge and the park were perfect for us: we never saw any other hikers or paddlers during our excursions, only a handful of people stayed at the lodge (12 rooms in total) during the 5 days there.

The 6-hour journey to get there from the airport passed quickly with the beautiful scenery we crossed.

The food was truly amazing, and as a vegetarian, they prepared incredible meals for me.

The guides were very special in the care they took to ensure that the excursions fit well and with the knowledge they had of the flora and fauna and the legacy of the national park. And we saw A LOT of flora and fauna. A shoutout to Nico, who was a great guide and is now considered a friend.

We loved this northern part of Patagonia, very different from Torres del Paine, but equally extraordinary.

A very special lodge and park, and we are very happy to have visited and seen a bit of the place that Doug and Kris Tompkins created with so much passion and love.

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Outstanding in every way

"Management of the property was top notch. Kareen Hoffenberg, the Guest Experience Manager, was present and available to the guests, and made an appearance at each dinner to inquire about our well-being. Well done. (...) This was my 6th stay at an Explora lodge – and a worthy addition to their collection. This is a gracious, well managed property, in a unique location begging for exploration. I’d gladly come back."

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Norma D


Unique experience

"For travelers seeking a comprehensive, meaningful, and conservation-conscious experience. The lodge's location amidst the park, surrounded by guanacos, hares, diverse birdlife, and even an occasional puma, makes it an exceptional site. The service is extraordinary, with attention to every detail and guest's need, complemented by warmth, completing the personalized experience. The infrastructure, design, and decoration speak of understated luxury."

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Ilan S



"Such a wonderful experience we had at Explora Hotel in Parque Nacional. The facilities and personalized attention from all the hotel staff were magnificent. The quality of the food was fantastic, the rooms comfortable and spacious, and the explorations we did with the hotel guides were the highlight. Good WIFI and above all, the beautiful location where the Hotel is situated."

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Understated but obvious quality throughout

"Stunning location surrounded by mountains with a multitude of hikes nearby. The rooms are beautifully simple with large windows to the natural beauty outside. The staff are friendly, thoughtful, knowledgeable and willing to help with anything at all. Simple things are done very well and everyone seems to know your name, is interested in your experience and really loves the destination they are in."

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An Unforgettable Journey

We loved the place, its history, the lodge staff, the exceptional guides, the fantastic food, the hikes, river kayaking, and the superb electric-assisted bicycles. Additionally, we were incredibly fortunate to have witnessed pumas, making it a truly unforgettable trip

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Gretchen S


Amazing experience at Patagonia National Park

Staying at Explora in Patagonia National Park was the best! The accommodation was clean, comfortable and warm (it was cold at night). The food was fresh and delicious and there was plenty of variety. The guides were fantastic! The whole experience was amazing. I would highly recommend it as a privileged location in the southern part of Patagonia. It was beautiful!

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Amazing Place!

Amazing place, unparalleled geography, the best in the world. Excellent service, high-level food, comfortable rooms, great hospitality from all staff. Many activities to do with different levels of difficulty and duration, in the company of prepared, warm, and enthusiastic guides.

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Excellent experience. The park is incredible. A beautiful place and the expeditions are amazing. We saw guanacos, ñandus, armadillos, eagles, a puma, and a truly amazing museum. 100% recommendable. The exquisite territorial cuisine is a true luxury, not to mention the staff.



You have to experience the Chacabuco Valley in Aysén with Explora
Explora’s guides help you to discover the grandeur of the Patagonia National Park with wonderful hikes to visit extreme places or for birdwatching. It is a true experience, which at times demands physical exertion, but it is more than compensated by the Lodge’s amenities and quality, in addition to exquisite and comforting food at the Explora Hotel Restaurant.