About Explora in Patagonia National Park

  • Considering the vast territory in which our lodge is situated, we recommend a minimum of five nights to have an exploration experience that allows you to deeply discover Patagonia National Park. However, we are confident that when you discover its wonders, you may want to extend your stay. Six nights is a great alternative to fully explore and enjoy the stunning landscapes.

  • At the time of booking you must select a room with either a king size bed or two double beds. Being in the lodge, if you require, you may change your bed, subject to availability.

  • No, they only have heating.

  • Transport between airports and the lodge is based on the flight plans, both incoming and outgoing. You can see more information here.

  • We have different vehicles available with capacity of up to 12 passengers.

  • Yes, we have a program that connects by plane this two destinations with an additional cost. See our air connections here.

  • We provide (without additional cost) walking sticks and all the necessary equipment for bike riding. Please consult the list of equipment to bring.

    Check our What to pack list.

  • Because we are in remote areas, Wi-Fi access in common areas is limited.

  • No. At Explora tips are voluntary. If you wish to leave one, you can do so at reception at the end of your stay. It will be divided among all those who contributed to make your trip a unique experience. We suggest you leave $100 per stay per visitor.

  • Our coordinates are:

    47° 7’1.88″S – 72°29’6.57″O

  • Explora in Patagonia National Park / Balmaceda:  288 km – 6 hours drive.

    Explora in Patagonia National Park / Coyhaique: 324 km – 7 hours drive.

    Explora in Patagonia National Park / Puerto Río Tranquilo: 109 km – 2:30 hours drive

Contact & Important Information about Patagonia National Park

  • All of our guides are Wilderness First Response (WFR) certified, guaranteeing that they have the necessary knowledge and abilities to aid people in remote locations.

    In case of emergency, the nearest hospital is located in Cochrane, a 40-minute drive away. For more complex cases, Coyhaique is a 6-hour drive away.

  • By phone: +562 2 583 0350, or by e-mail: recpnp@explora.com

  • There is no cell phone coverage in the Park, however we have an IP landline telephone service for clients.