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Astonishing immensity. Deep blue skies. The silence of the Andes. This is Patagonia.

Patagonia is one of the world’s most precious natural relics. Shared between Chile and Argentina, the region is home to a multitude of species, natural treasures, and breathtaking landscapes.

A territory as rich as Patagonia calls out to be explored in depth, which is why we have connected our destinations with lodge-to-lodge programs using Explora transportation. Get to know our program Explora Connects Patagonia.


About Patagonia

There are many innate riches that make Patagonia a true gem.

Flora & Fauna

An extensive variety of native species – like pumas, guanacos, huemules – can only be sighted in Patagonia. Discover the life that bustles and thrives off the beaten path.

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The name Patagonia comes from how Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan named the region's native indigenous people in the 16th century: patagões. His perception of natives' customs reminded Magellan of Patagão, a savage character in the book Primaleon of Greece, much in vogue at the time.

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The gaucho, a typical figure of Patagonia, is responsible for the tasks on the ranch. A free and solitary personality (although very hospitable), he rises before sunrise to drive the livestock over the plains and occupies himself with the activities of the farm. An expert rider, he is also skilled in the use of the boleadoras, a weapon composed of rocks joined by lines of leather used by the ancient tehuelches.

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Geography varies within this vast territory: temperatures rise in the north and fall in thesouth, while glaciers, lakes, fjords, and the Andes mountains can be found in the west, and truly stunning deserts, in the east.

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Exploration has been part of humankind's nature since the dawn of time. And part of ours ever since we set off, over 25 years ago. Our deep-rooted network in the most secluded and astonishing territories on Earth enable us to conserve the world's rarest natural beauties – by exploring them.

We craft one-of-a-kind explorations so you can experience genuine immersion into the remote, from start to finish.
In 25 years’ experience, we gathered the expertise to guide you through each territory’s at the Patagonia . Everything is included throughout the entire experience.

Explora Logde Crafted explorations
Crafted exploration Patagonia Chile

Unravel remote territories with the experts. Our guides are qualified under the highest of standards by our exclusive Explora school of guides. Our long-established presence in remote South America has shaped our knowledge on the territory, on exploration, and on conservation. Such know-how is vital for making sure our existence in the world’s most precious treasures only makes them bloom even more. Still preserving the most exceptional experience for the explorer.

Explora Logde Territory expertise
Territory expertise Patagonia Chile

We believe luxury is about having all the means necessary to make the most out of the experience, such as a cozy, welcoming environment, and authentically local gastronomic experiences.
This is why every Explora lodge behaves as a haven of rest and restoration amid the remote – to make sure each day in the territory is lived to the fullest. Count on relaxing massages, bubbling jaccuzis and deep-blue swimming pools, among other first-rate amenities at your service.

Vast territories like Patagonia tend to be dotted with private enclosures and estates. These large portions of land are often simultaneously the most productive and economically attractive, while also offering some of the best potential for biodiversity conservation. Their safeguarding is therefore critical, as they cradle highly dynamic –and fragile– ecosystems

Explora Network of destinations Patagonia to Peru
Nothofagus Explora reserva conservación Torres del Paine National Park

Present in the most precious locations of remote South America, we connect them all in an ever-exchanging network, so you can explore and discover in even greater depth.
With lodges in multiple positions across the continent, explorers can feel free to combine more than one destination in a single journey and craft a truly original and broad exploration experience.

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