Special Programs

Explora Connects Patagonia

Get to know the different destinations in Patagonia by plane or van in a unique journey. We have designed all-inclusive programs from 8 nights to connect the wonders of this vast territory. Choose your destinations and explore in depth with all the experience and safety of the World’s Leading Expedition Company.

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Photography program with Katsuyoshi Tanaka

The remote territories of South America are the perfect backdrop for any photographer’s creations: an infinite array of chromatic variations and extreme contrasts.

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Private Experience

At the lodge and with the help of bilingual guides (English and Spanish), they can agree on the explorations to conduct on the next days. The conditions to book a private program depend on the destination and dates.

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Private Experience, Explora Lodge

Corporate Travel Program

Patagonia, Atacama, Easter Island, and the Sacred Valley provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable corporate experiences. Away from distractions and with endless exploration options, these destinations can help strengthen team building strategies, facilitate group interactions, promote unique leadership experiences and develop a very special connection with nature and culture.

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