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Patagonia National Park

Patagonia, Chile

Our explorations

Our explorations provide travelers with an in depth experience of this austral territory, for which we have outlined six different exploration zones, each with its own set of unique geographic, cultural and biosphere characteristics.

Each exploration has been designed to gradually reveal the essence of the territory to be discovered, whether on foot, on horseback, by bicycle, overland, mountain, among others.



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Discover our explorations

Go deeper into the remote. Search by activity or by one of our exploration zones.


We hike throughout our locations. Walking at your own, committed pace, allows you to immerse in the natural and cultural landscapes we explore, varying in intensity –beginner or advanced– and duration – half day to full day.

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These are van-led explorations interrupted by short-duration hikes along the way. The combination allows travelers to access areas of particular beauty and ecological significance.

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Biking allows us to explore and discover greater distances, feeling how the elements change throughout the day, varying in intensity –beginner or advanced– and duration – half day to full day.

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Self Guided

The company and knowledge of one of our guides, is available for you to discover unique locations in the areas surrounding our lodge – either on foot or bicycle. For further information approach our exploration team.

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Within a same day we can combine different types of exploration – starting with a hike followed by a bike-ride, or kayak, or vice versa.

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High Mountain Ascent

We strive to introduce our travelers to truly remote locations – and mountains are one of them. Each one has its own different demands and rewards, yet they all guarantee a revitalizing experience for mind and body alike.

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Hielos Andinos Patagónicos

In this area you can see a large expanse of glaciers in the Patagonian Andes, in addition to the largest freshwater reserves in the world.

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This sector has areas where different worlds converge, creating unique characteristics due to their interaction, allowing one to gain an in-depth perspective on the local fauna and its historical meaning.

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Río Baker

An area marked by heterogeneity, uniqueness, environmental quality, and the social and territorial importance of the water systems that constitute the Baker River.

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In this area we can travel to the deepest part of history, coming across some of the most important paleontological discoveries in Chile and Latin America.

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Andina y Estepa Patagónica

The plains of the steppe generate a dramatic contrast with the mountains that surround it, housing a great part of the wildlife in the Patagonia Park.

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Aguas y bosques

Extensive forests that connect with lakes and rivers cover this area, dominated by monumental views and infinite open spaces that make it the ideal refuge for the fragile biodiversity of the Patagonian ecosystem.

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