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El Chaltén

Patagonia, Argentina

El Chaltén Tours

Amidst the Argentinean Patagonia, this natural rock, mountain, and ice amphitheater offers countless territories to be explored.

Our explorations provide travelers with an in depth experience of this austral territory, allowing them to become immersed in its unique characteristics and go deeper into what makes Patagonia unique. In order to do so, we have outlined four different exploration zones, each with its own set of unique geographic, cultural and biosphere characteristics.

Our El Chaltén tours vary by activity and area to suit a full range of travelers, from curious kids to adventure-ready retirees. Our guest reviews rave about the attention to detail we pour into every escape. The most passionate and curious local guides, warm hotel staff and skilled kitchen team go out of their way to make every moment memorable.

At first, the hotel’s picturesque setting, luxurious amenities and sumptuous beds may make you want to cozy up indoors. However, our crafted explorations with expert guides into the surrounding remote territory are what truly feed the adventurous spirit. Join us on the most awe-inspiring El Chaltén tours focused on preserving the area’s unique ecosystem, culture and heritage.

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Discover Our El Chaltén Explorations

Go deeper into the remote. Search by activity or by one of our exploration zones.


Walk and Go Deeper in to the remote on our El Chaltén trekking tours. Join us on the Glaciar Huemul, Laguna Pollone or Aves Patagónicas hikes, among others. Hiking tours in El Chaltén vary from easy to expert, Half day or Full Day. Always Walking with your guide, your Explora companion.

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These are van-led explorations interrupted by short-duration hikes along the way. The combination allows travelers to access areas of particular beauty and ecological significance, including the Río Las Vueltas, Rio Arriba or Reserva Vespigniani.

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Rock climbing is a form of exploration that can be found throughout the world. At Explora we see it as a way of truly encountering the territory’s essence, which is why we facilitate it on different, following the necessary safety requirements and each traveler’s individual rhythm.

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Self Guided

The company and knowledge of one of our guides, is available for you to discover unique locations in the areas surrounding our lodge – on foot. Take our Las Lolas, Laguna Azul or Laguna Cóndor self-guided hikes in the Los Huemules Conservation Reserve.

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High Mountain Ascent

We strive to introduce our travelers to truly remote locations – and mountains are one of them. Embark on the ascent to Cerro Madsen or the Paso Del Cuadrado trek in the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Each one has its own different demands and rewards, yet they all guarantee a revitalizing experience for mind and body alike.

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Los Huemules Conservation Reserve

The Los Huemules Conservation Reserve, encloses features that cannot be easily found elsewhere in Patagonia.

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Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

The Los Glaciares National Park is an area of exceptional natural beauty, with rugged, towering mountains and numerous glacial lakes scattered within its borders.

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Lago del Desierto

The Desert Lake (Argentina) is a wildlife enclave around which numerous Patagonian ecosystems can be observed and explored.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • El Chaltén is a village in Argentina’s side of Patagonia. Known as the capital of trekking in Argentina, El Chaltén is a gateway to exploration in Los Glaciares National Park. Find our luxurious Explora lodge in the Los Huemules Conservation Reserve of El Chaltén.

  • Hike to lagoons and glaciers, embark on high-mountain ascents, go rock climbing, or spot local wildlife on an unforgettable Explora tour of El Chaltén. Back at the lodge, you can relax in the spa, sample outstanding cuisine and plan the next day’s adventures.

  • Explora offers pick-up and drop-off at El Calafate Airport and hotels. We also provide transfers to and from our Torres del Paine location several days per week.

  • To explore El Chaltén in depth, we recommend a minimum stay of 5 nights.