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Patagonia National Park, Chile


Opening October 2021




Patagonia National Park

We are pleased to announce that, starting October 2021, we will welcome our travelers at our lodge in the Patagonia National Park.

Explora will seek to continue the work began by the Tompkins Conservation Foundation in the area by adopting travelling practices that promote the exploration and knowledge of the territories with the purpose of ensuring conservation for future generations.

Why explora at the Patagonia National Park?

With a unique location, the explora lodge at the Patagonia National Park is the perfect headquarter to visit the Aysén Region. We will develop off-the-beaten-track explorations, delving deep as never before in the knowledge of this region’s natural landscapes.

We know how important it is to leave daily worries behind. Therefore, our hotels are all inclusive: Transfers to and from the airport, explorations, meals, beverages and transportation.

All inclusive

The explorations are as diverse as the landscapes we will enjoy, including hikes, and overland trips.


Our explorations will safeguard our basic principle: Conservation of the natural and cultural heritage.


Our lodge is located in the Chacabuco Valley, within the Patagonia National Park.<br /> <br /> This is the perfect headquarter from where to go out and explore the Park’s wonders and all the surroundings of this part of the Chilean Patagonia.


Hotel & Services

Hotel & Services

The lodge –built by Douglas and Kristin Tompkins– is inspired by landmark lodges located in national parks around the world. Local materials and sustainable construction techniques where used.

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Our Lodge

Explora rooms at the Patagonia National Park are designed to make the best of silence and privacy, ensuring a deep rest after one day of exploration. All our rooms are surrounded by Patagonia nature, with views to the pampa and gardens. To disconnect from everyday worries, everyday life must be left behind. 

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