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Desert & Altiplano, Chile

Quebradas Intermedias

Punta del Inca

3,8 km / 2.3 mi
Exploration duration
2 h 40 m

Exploration Path

We take a van to Guatín, a grazing area and junction point of the Puritama and Purifica rivers, and source of the Vilama River. There, we walk along a canyon known as the Valley of the Cacti due to the existence of giant cacti. We cut cross the canyon crossing the river several times and descending along different waterfalls.

As if sliced off from the desert’s mantle, the ravines in this zone were created over millions of years by the forces of water and wind. Plunging into the abyss, they are sculptures that only time could shape.

Elevation Profile

Elevation Gain
elevation gain icon
84 m 275 ft
Elevation Loss
elevation loss icon
-223 m -731 ft
Max. Altitude
max altitude ion
3.205 m 10.512 ft
Min. Altitude
min altitude icon
3.066 m 10.056 ft