Frequently Asked Questions Atacama

Contact & Important Information about Atacama

  • San Pedro de Atacama, the town near the lodge, has a health clinic. More serious emergencies can be treated at the Calama hospital, a one-hour drive from the lodge.

    All of our guides have Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification, and thus, possess the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to assist people in remote areas.

  • They can contact you by calling + 56 2 3244 2000, or by sending an e-mail to

  • Yes, both Explora Atacama and the town of San Pedro have good connectivity for all kinds of mobile phones.

  • San Pedro de Atacama and its surrounding area have a very dry and mild climate year round. The village gradually grew up around an oasis, and is situated on a high plateau, 2,443 meters (8,015 feet) above sea level, and located just 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Calama, a major city served by El Loa International Airport, or “Calama Airport” (CJC).

    During winter (June – September), the average daytime temperature ranges from 9º C (48º F) to 24º C (75º F) – inviting you to soak up the sun in the lodge’s relaxing lounge chairs, on the terraces or in the glassed corridors. During summer (December – March), daytime temperatures fluctuate between 13º C (55º F; early morning) and 25º C (77º F; evening), with a maximum of approximately 32º C (90º F) – a period of the year calling for an afternoon siesta before joining one of the evening explorations.

    Ninety percent of the days are clear and sunny.  However, between mid-December and the beginning of March, occasional rains and snow in higher areas result in what is called the Altiplano Winter. During these months and due to unstable weather conditions in the area, some of our explorations could be subject to changes or even canceled in order to protect our travelers’ safety.

About Explora in Atacama

  • We recommend a minimum of five nights to have an exploration experience that allows you to deeply discover Atacama, although we are sure that each day of exploration will increase your desire to explore this special territory for more days. Six nights are a good alternative to achieve a more comprehensive knowledge of the area and explore the high plateau or volcanoes.

  • At the time of booking you must select a room with either a king size bed or two double beds. Being in the lodge, if you require, you may change your bed, subject to availability and room type.

  • No. Because of its altitude and desert environment, Atacama is very dry, so you do not feel hot in the shade. In addition, the lodge’s architectural design allows for and promotes natural air circulation.

  • You can see more information here.

  • We use our own vans, which are modern, comfortable and roomy. Each van has a maximum capacity of 6 travelers.

  • Yes, there is a paved landing strip in San Pedro de Atacama, but only for small planes (maximum: 8,000 kg / 17,637 pounds). Because of the limited infrastructure, take offs and landings are only allowed just before sunset.

  • We provide (without additional cost) walking sticks and all the necessary equipment for biking and horseback riding. Please consult the list of equipment to bring.

    Check our What to pack list.

  • Yes, we can pick up or drop off travelers at the Sico or Jama border crossings (chilean side) There is an additional charge for this service. Please check out alternatives:

  • Because we are in remote areas, Wi-Fi access in common areas is intermittent.

  • We don’t have an ATM or currency exchange on site. However, there are ATM and currency exchange services available in the town of San Pedro de Atacama.

  • We can only receive credit card payments.

  • No. At Explora tips are voluntary. If you wish to leave one, you can do so at reception at the end of your stay. It will be divided among all those who contributed to make your trip a unique experience. We suggest you leave $100 per stay per visitor.

  • No we don’t provide hairdressing services.

  • 2,500 meters (8,202 feet) above sea level.

  • San Pedro de Atacama / Jama border crossing: 183 km (114 mi).
    San Pedro de Atacama / Sico border crossing: 200 km (124 mi).
    San Pedro de Atacama / Arica: 804 km (500 mi).

    San Pedro de Atacama / Iquique: 487 km (303 mi).
    San Pedro de Atacama / Antofagasta: 311 km (193 mi).
    San Pedro de Atacama / Calama: 98 km (61 mi).

  • Our coordinates are:

    22º55’6.16”S  68º12’16.10”W