To help you plan and make the most of this trip to Tierra del Fuego, we have compiled some frequently asked questions that might arise. From practical aspects to general information you need to know.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Tierra del Fuego as you venture into this fascinating corner of the world!

  • In this trip, everything is included: Accommodations and transfers detailed in the itinerary, meals, beverages, and guided explorations.

  • The journey starts in Punta Arenas and ends in Punta Arenas. To get to the city of Punta Arenas, you will need to take a flight from Santiago de Chile. The direct flight has an estimated duration of 4 hours.

  • If your arrival is on the same day as the start of the trip, we will pick you up from the airport starting at 10 am and take you to the hotel.

    If you arrived the day before, we will pick you up from your accommodation in Punta Arenas where you are staying.

    Please note that the check-in time is from 3:00 pm onwards

  • The phone signal is intermittent and will only be available until the 3rd day of the trip.

    On the last day, when returning to Pampa Guanaco, we will have signal again.

    There is no freely available Wi-Fi. There will be satellite Wi-Fi available for emergency cases at the cabins in Estancia Lago Fagnano.

  • Yes. For the safety of our travelers, we will have a satellite phone in one of the vehicles for exclusive use in case of emergencies.

  • There are different types of accommodation during the trip, as options in Tierra del Fuego are very limited. Therefore, we have selected those that best align with creating a deep experiential connection with the territory and can provide extraordinary value to our travelers.

    First night: We will stay in Punta Arenas at a small hotel, a colonial house that keeps the local culture alive both in its decor and offerings.

    Second night: We will be on Tierra del Fuego, one of the most remote places in the world. For this night, we will stay at a fishing lodge that only has single rooms, so each traveler will have to sleep independently.


    Third, fourth, fifth, and sixth nights: we will stay in different rooms within cabins in the middle of a Patagonian forest on the shores of Lake Fagnano. The cabins and rooms are very simple but with great hosts: the last settlers of Tierra del Fuego who are happy to welcome us and share part of their history

    These lodging choices have been carefully selected to provide a deep and meaningful experience with the territory, offering something extraordinary to our travelers.

  • We will use 4×4 trucks for both our travelers and our staff accompanying us on this journey.

    The trucks are suitable for the road and various weather conditions that we may encounter.

  • We recommend a maximum of 1 suitcase weighing up to 20 kg.

    The plane that will transport you back to Punta Arenas from Tierra del Fuego has limited capacity.

  • The transfer on a private plane from Tierra del Fuego to Punta Arenas is included and has an approximate flight duration of 30 minutes.

    We do not include the return experience by land, which could take an additional 6 to 10 hours.

    *In case of weather restrictions and the plane cannot take off, the return will be by land. We recommend you take this into consideration for your return flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago de Chile.

  • It is not possible to modify the itinerary or explorations, they may be adjusted or modified only due to season and weather conditions.

  • This trip is recommended for active individuals who are capable of hiking on uneven terrain, such as mud, rocks, snow, or peat bogs. Hikes of up to 10 kilometers with inclines and declines are included.

  • The food during the trip consists of a unique menu with local components from Patagonia. There will be lamb roasts on a spit and other preparations that help us understand part of the local culture of Tierra del Fuego.

    Travelers with any type of food intolerance should inform us in advance to evaluate the adaptation of their meals.

    Excellent Chilean wines are included in the menu.

  • It won’t be the same as going to an Explora. This trip takes place in a remote location with basic infrastructure, but we will accommodate it with different Explora touches for each and every moment.

  • In case of an emergency, our staff is trained to handle various emergency situations.

    Our guides are certified in first aid, which will enable them to properly assess any event that requires medical attention.

    Basic medical attention is available in the city of Porvenir. For other treatments and depending on the severity, it may be necessary to transfer to Punta Arenas.

    As there are no nearby pharmacies, we recommend not forgetting to bring all the necessary medications for the entire trip.


You may cancel your booking up to 60 days before your check-in, free of fines. If you cancel your booking after that period, the following conditions apply:

• 60 days or more before the check-in date: no fine
• 59-30 days before the check-in date: 50% fine
• 29-0 days before the check-in date: 100% fine

The traveler must sign the flight disclaimer and exploration waiver.
We recommend purchasing travel insurance in case of emergency evacuation.