The temperatures in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego change constantly, and we can experience all 4 seasons in a day.
In just minutes, strong winds can darken the sky or disperse storm clouds, making your journey through Patagonia a real adventure.

What to bring Patagonia

for all activities

  • Baseball cap
  • Polar/ Wool/ Windstopper hat
  • 1st layer: Top and bottom Layer
  • 2nd layer: Fleece
  • 3rd layer: Waterproof Jacket
  • 4rd layer: DownJacket
  • T-shirts
  • Long sleeve T-shirts
  • Thin Fleece
  • Trekking pants and trekking shorts
  • Trekking socks (long)
  • Trekking boots
  • Rain Pants
  • Liner Gloves
  • Wind stopper gloves
  • Waterproof gaiters
  • Sunglasses
  • Buff or neck gaiter
  • Small back pack (25 lts)

for all activities

  • Bathing Suit
  • Sandals

Explora provides travelers trekking poles.