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Torres del Paine

Patagonia, Chile

Travelers Voice

John W


Upscale Hikers Delight

Explora is world-class! A perfect experience for me and my son (guys' hiking trip) over the Christmas week. Highlights: amazing location and views; beautiful and relaxing facility; all-inclusive so you can focus only on having fun; hiking and interacting with interesting people (who would go that far if they were not interesting!); staff dedicated to making the experience the best possible; artful and delicious food and great variety; a range of hiking levels all over the park; high quality horse riding. Want a good sleep? Hike all day, have a beautiful meal and local wines (or maybe a pisco sour from the excellent bartender), chat with new friends from South Africa, then hit a great matress. Repeat the next day after an early sunrise, maybe with a rainbow. We had only a little rain, but expect lots of wind. Dress is backpackers casual; we brought too much "stuff".

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This years epic surprise I didn't see coming

So the truth is I'm a frequent adventure traveler and have been to many remote and exotic places. More often than not I'm pissy and a curmudgeon about the shortcomings of places I experience. But nay, surely not this time (...) WOW. OK, it is situated in one of the remote and most beautiful places on earth. Far too windy to fly in. No airport within over a 100 miles. So the "van" trek is 2 plus hours from Puerto Natales over gravel and dirt roads, but comfortable. If you leave from Punta Arenas the van ride is 5 hours, but even then the scenery is magnificent and Explora even has a rustic cafe stop half way that is very enjoyable. What makes Explora so remarkable is their great attention to detail. From the moment they pick you up to the moment they leave you at an airport of ship, every conceivable need you might have has been thought of and addressed by Explora before you get there. The quality of staff blew me away. (...) There are many different hikes, trails, activities including horseback rides. We did everything. All day, every day. Every guide was personable, knowledgeable and made our time most enjoyable. The resort itself is very well designed and immaculately maintained. Our room and its service was meticulous. The view from our room of the Torres del Paine peaks was breathtaking. And even more pleasantly surprising is that when Explora says your stay is all-inclusive, it really is. The food is absolutely 4 star, the wines excellent, the trail meals super and there are no nickle and dime charges for anything. All in all a really surprising and excellent experience. Kudos to whomever has put such attention to detail and a loving hand on a spectacular place.

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Elena G


Excellent service

The best thing about the Hotel is the friendly and attentive staff, always with a smile, very personalized. The guides are super well-prepared. They give good advice on which expedition to go on according to tastes and abilities. The place and the food were amazing

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Sebastián Leon



A great experience, an excellent place. The guides are top notch and the food is spectacular. Recommended 100%. A very nice place to go in the winter, with luxurious views. A totally recommendable experience!

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