are you ready to connect with the Travesia Atacama Uyuni?

A rich territory like we explore during the Travesia Atacama Uyuni yearns for profound exploration. This is the idea behind each of our journeys: leveraging our profound expertise to explore remote territories in ways and with purposes that truly connect explorers with the region.

Travesia Atacama Uyuni, a lodge to lodge journey through the altiplano

The Travesia Atacama Uyuni offers an all-inclusive experience. We take responsibility for your accommodation, meals, transfers to and from the airport,* and, naturally, all of the explorations you go on, be they hikes, bike or horseback tours, or expeditions, always accompanied by your Explora guide.

Our lodges offers an intimate place where you can disconnect from the routine to enjoy the wonderful landscapes, where you may encounter spectacular wildlife such as vicuñas, flamingos, llamas, birds and vizcachas.

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A private journey

The Travesía is an all-inclusive private trip, for 2 people, that goes from the Atacama desert in Chile to the salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia (or vice versa), in a 4×4 vehicle, together with an Explora guide and local driver. Travelers will be able to enjoy this trip with our itineraries, which goes from 7 nights.

Our lodge in Atacama, along with our mountain lodges, Ramaditas and Chituca,  and Uyuni Lodge in Bolivia –established in partnership with local families– serve as bases to explore, day after day, the unique landscapes and wonders of the Altiplano.


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These constructions were designed by the Chilean architect Max Núñez, whose objective was to build a light place, small in size and low in height, to raise awareness of the territory and generate the minimum impact. For this reason, they were assembled in a 100% prefabricated and modular way.Their composition allows them to be “reversible” constructions, that is to say that in the future they will be easy to dismantle and transport to be reused in other places. The lodge and Mountain Lodges are composed of different modules of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and toilets, which are assembled to form different configurations depending on the site and its requirements.