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Desert & Altiplano, Chile

How we explore

Our explorations in Atacama are divided into five zones, each with its own set of unique geographic, cultural and biospheric characteristics.

All exploration have been designed in order to gradually unveil the Atacama´s essence – either on foot, bicycle or at horse. Each day, one of our guides will gladly help you choose the right exploration for your interests and provide further information on each zone.

Our explorations, always led by a bilingual guide from our Guide School, take place in English or Spanish for groups of maximum of eight travelers.

In Atacama, every evening we´ll planed with you your next day exploration. Our rides and hikes have different length and difficulty levels.
Those that take the full day give us the privilege of having lunch in the middle of nature, while those that take half a day allow us to come back to Explora to make a different exploration during the afternoon. With over 40 explorations, we cover the rich diversity of the island.


How we explore in Atacama Lodge Explora

San Pedro de Atacama and its surrounding areas are one of Chile’s most enigmatic territories. The diversity of the landscape is one of the most popular attractions. Aware of this, we take our travelers to explore every corner. Just to mention a few experiences that Explora propose, we ride horses through the red land plains and huge sand dunes, characteristic of one of the driest desert in the world, visit turquoise lagoons that are located over 4,000 meters (13,123 f.a.s.l.) in the highlands (altiplano), walk through geysers, and follow green riverbeds in an area where water is a limited resource.

A minimum of five nights are recommended for an exploration experience in which you can really know what Atacama is about, although we are sure that after each exploration day you will want to extend your stay to explore more of this wonderful place. A six night program is a good option to get a fuller sense of the area and even explore highlands or volcanoes.

Check out our recommendations for proper clothing and to enjoy to the fullest all the explorations.