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Patagonia National Park

Patagonia, Chile

Andina y Estepa Patagónica

La Valchac

144 km / 89.5 mi
Exploration duration

Exploration Path

In this exploration we will focus on the Chacabuco River's valleys and route as a natural corridor traveled by nomadic peoples and diverse wildlife since ancestral times. We will discuss the anthropological and paleontological mysteries its rock formations hold, with caves and fossils that are vestiges of a past that it is still possible to bear witness to. These areas are characterized by their lack of snow in the summer and their low vegetation, devoid of trees. This allows you to observe a flat and open landscape where you can feel and live the icy southern wind. It is an experience among the vestiges of pre-Hispanic history and how they relate to the present and conservation.

The plains of the steppe generate a dramatic contrast with the mountains that surround it, housing a great part of the wildlife in the Patagonia Park.