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Patagonia National Park

Patagonia, Chile


Chelenko Sur

164 km / 101,9 mi

Exploration Path

We leave the lodge and head northward, crossing areas with a strong tradition in livestock husbandry. We also flank the famous Baker River, know for its turquoise waters and heavy flows. We will hike to the Baker-Neff confluence, the point where the two rivers meet. The Neff is a river that comes from a glacier tongue that comes down from the northern ice fields. Its gray tones are due to the concentration of sediment that this glacier carries. After this visit we walk to the San Martin Fossils sector. Attended by the owner, we will take a small tour to observe and analyze samples of fossilized rocks with different species of molluscs that inhabited the territory more than 175 million years ago.

In this area we can travel to the deepest part of history, coming across some of the most important paleontological discoveries in Chile and Latin America.