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Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley, Peru




Great In-Depth Visit to the Sacred Valley

We (my adult daughter and I) stayed at Explora for six nights and would highly recommend it for people wanting a more in depth exploration of the Sacred Valley away from the crowds of the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu.

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Carolina B.



Sublime, there are no words that can express the stay at Explora Valle Sagrado hotel, everything is designed to enjoy this magical place, a gift for the soul. When they welcome you as you get off the van that transports you from Cusco airport, the magic begins. The spacious rooms with views of cornfields, the wonderful spa, it was the house of Mateo Pumacahua. The food is from the menu of Virgilio Martínez, owner of the best restaurant in the world. Delights that I never thought I would taste. The best personalized excursions according to your interests. And the best part is its people, with unique kindness and affection. I must highlight Gabriel, who accompanied me to Machu Picchu. Without his help and patience, I couldn't have finished that trip in the best way.

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Another Wonderful Explora

Second visit to an Explora, but first time in SV. I'm a big fan of their business model: just show up and they'll take care of everything (note that MP is the exception and must be booked in advance). First, it sets expectations. The Sacred Valley has a high-altitude desert winter. Cold at night, but intense sun during the day. Bring sunscreen and a hat. The hotel is at 9500 feet and establishes a plan for you to acclimate upon arrival. You must work your way up, and the best hikes are at high altitude. There are alerts about mosquitoes in Peru, but I never saw any at the hotel or on any hike (including MP). Now, the pros. The food is exceptional.

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Carina A.


The redefinition of Luxury

Dear Diego and Explora Valle Sagrado team, we want to thank you for these exceptional 5 days in every sense.

After having visited beautiful destinations and hotels, being at Explora redefines the concept of luxury, without ostentation or pretension, in an apparent simplicity that results from careful design, where every detail is meticulously chosen to blend with the environment and allow each exploration to be a connection with the place, its people, its history, and oneself.

The magnificent explorations offer a wide range of trails, difficulties, and attractions, from natural to archaeological and historical, led by guides who are always attentive and deeply knowledgeable about their land, culture, and heritage. It's a luxury to experience such a destination with personalized private explorations tailored to individual tastes and interests.

Luxury also translates into excellent service, where every team member is constantly and tirelessly seeking ways to please, pamper, and amaze the guest, all with a remarkable and sincere warmth, making explora an unparalleled experience.

A special mention, with standing ovation, goes to the chef team - the most surprising and remarkable aspect of the stay, worthy of Michelin stars, delighting with a cuisine of local flavors in sublime simplicity, prepared with the most perfect technique. Truly incredible signature cocktails.

Without a doubt, we hope this is the first of many Explora experiences.

Thank you and congratulations!!!!

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A spectacle

A spectacle for those who love nature, care about environmental preservation, and enjoy adventure. Highly prepared guides, comfort to reach points of interest, all done to perfection. Star-rated cuisine, comfortable apartments with beautiful views complete the experience. It's only by trying it out that you can confirm it. It's not recommended for very young children, as there's no recreation. However, older children, from the age of ten, will enjoy it greatly and recognize the value of environmental preservation.

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William C


New experiences in the Sacred Valley

This is a high-level base camp for a variety of explorations and adventures. Everything from educational explorations and excursions to active ones. Great knowledgeable and friendly guides take you to places few have been. After the excursions, you can go to the pool, spa, massages, bar, library and the food and service are spectacular.

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Dante Arrigoni


An amazing natural environment with an excellent hotel ant top-notch service.

Explora provides the best way to discover the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, with high quality and service standards.
They have a variety of activities, ideal for families and people with demanding tastes.

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Idyllic 5-star accommodation, incredible guides, and drinks that are works of art.

We booked 4 nights in a king room and had a spectacular view of the mountains in the valley. The guides spoke wonderful English and Spanish and took us on great adventures every day. The food and drink was fantastic and the service was outstanding. I simply can't recommend Explora and the Sacred Valley enough!!

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Carlos C


Incredible! With adventures and excursions beyond the classic

The staff stood out the most. Everyone is very nice and attentive to anything you might need. The facilities, like the room, bar, spa and dining room far surpassed my expectations. As I said before, the excursions range from the classic to landscapes plus nature and altitude, which are challenging and pleasant.

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