Frequently Asked Questions Sacred Valley

Contact & Important Information about Sacred Valley

  • All our expert guides have the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification and therefore, have all the knowledge and skills to help people in remote places.

    The hotel’s neighboring town of Urquillos is small and there are no emergency services. The next town, Urubamba, located a few kilometers from Urquillos has emergency services at the Social Security Hospital and two additional medical centers that are local branches of medical clinics from Cusco, (MAC Salud Clinic and CIMA Clinic). Severe cases are sent to Lima.

  • By phone: +51989467497, or by e-mail:

  • Yes, there is. In Urubamba there is good connection for all types of mobile phones. But at the lodge, only “Claro” has good coverage.

  • The altitude of Cusco and its proximity to the equator explain a wide variety of climates featuring two seasons, each with very different appeals.

    The sun shines abundantly during the driest season, from April to October, with occasional night frosts. During those months, the Andean pampa turns yellow and ochre. Average temperatures range between 41°F and 68°F (5° C and 20° C) and can even drop to 32° F(0° C) at night.

    Between November and March, in turn, the Valley dresses in green and the weather is subtropical. During this season, temperatures can range between 44,6 °F and 69,8°F (7° and 21° C).

About Explora in Sacred Valley

  • Some of the main attractions of this region are the sanctuary of Machu Picchu and the city of Cusco, for which we have developed full-day explorations. If our travelers decide to take one of these alternatives, we recommend a stay of at least five nights, as less is insufficient to have an exploration experience that allows you to discover the diversity of this valley, where there are still many places to discover. A six-night program is a good alternative to have a deeper experience in the Sacred Valley and the Cusco region.

    *Our exploration of Machu Picchu, combines Explora services with third-party services due to the restrictions that the nature of this place demands from us. This exploration has an additional cost depending on your program and it must be confirmed with our reservations team at the moment of your reservation.

  • At the time of booking you must select a room with either a king size bed or two double beds. If you require, you may change your bed, subject to availability.

  • AC is not necessary. The temperatures in Valle Sagrado range between 9°C and 22°. In addition to this, the hotel’s architecture is designed to maximize ventilation and the use of natural air currents.

  • Transportation between Cusco airport and Explora Valle Sagrado, back and forth, is custom planned to work according to the flight hours of each passenger.

    *For travelers not arriving at or leaving directly from the Cusco airport, transfer services are provided based on the pre-set timetable found in our Travel Tips page.

  • Van like trucks, spacious and comfortable, with capacity for 10 people.

  • You can visit Machu Picchu as a full day overland exploration. It is a guided tour of approximately three hours among Machu Picchu’s most characteristic archaeological remains.


    It is important to coordinate the exploration to Machu Picchu with our reservation team in order to buy the train ticket to Aguas Calientes and the entrance fee* to the citadel, which has limited daily spaces. During the high season, we suggest that you coordinate this exploration with at least 50 days in advance.

    The schedules and routes established within the citadel are subject to the availability of spaces at the time of making the reservation.


    *This exploration may have an additional cost depending on your program.

  • We will provide –free of cost– trekking poles for the hikes, and all of the necessary equipment for cycling. Please consult us if you have any doubts about what to bring.

    Check our What to pack list.

  • Because we are in remote areas, Wi-Fi access in rooms and common areas is limited.

  • No. At Explora tips are voluntary. If you wish to leave one, you can do so at reception at the end of your stay. It will be divided among all those who contributed to make your trip a unique experience. We suggest you leave $100 per stay per visitor.

  • Our coordinates are:

    13º20’31.43”S – 72º2’52.59”W