Patagonia Hotel & explorations in El Chaltén, Argentina

El Chaltén, Argentinian Patagonia

explora El Chaltén: 49º14’06.31”S  72º58’01.63”W

Simplicity, excellence, and the importance of a deep exploration experience are the concepts embodied in explora El Chaltén.


The Argentinean Patagonia is the inspiration for our menu, offering different lunch and dinner options that fully renew on a daily basis.


The hotel provides a full spa service for our travelers to refuel their energy after a day of exploration. We have hydromassages, sauna, and a massage room especially designed to enjoy the views of our unique locations.


Our bar offers different local spirits and is the place to share your daily experiences with other travelers, and to plan the next day’s explorations with our guides.


The shop has the items you may require to conduct the explorations, as well as local crafts and related literature.

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