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Chile - Argentina

Travelers Voice



An Unforgettable Journey

We loved the place, its history, the lodge staff, the exceptional guides, the fantastic food, the hikes, river kayaking, and the superb electric-assisted bicycles. Additionally, we were incredibly fortunate to have witnessed pumas, making it a truly unforgettable trip

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Gretchen S


Amazing experience at Patagonia National Park

Staying at Explora in Patagonia National Park was the best! The accommodation was clean, comfortable and warm (it was cold at night). The food was fresh and delicious and there was plenty of variety. The guides were fantastic! The whole experience was amazing. I would highly recommend it as a privileged location in the southern part of Patagonia. It was beautiful!

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Amazing Place!

Amazing place, unparalleled geography, the best in the world. Excellent service, high-level food, comfortable rooms, great hospitality from all staff. Many activities to do with different levels of difficulty and duration, in the company of prepared, warm, and enthusiastic guides.

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Excellent experience. The park is incredible. A beautiful place and the expeditions are amazing. We saw guanacos, ñandus, armadillos, eagles, a puma, and a truly amazing museum. 100% recommendable. The exquisite territorial cuisine is a true luxury, not to mention the staff.



You have to experience the Chacabuco Valley in Aysén with Explora
Explora’s guides help you to discover the grandeur of the Patagonia National Park with wonderful hikes to visit extreme places or for birdwatching. It is a true experience, which at times demands physical exertion, but it is more than compensated by the Lodge’s amenities and quality, in addition to exquisite and comforting food at the Explora Hotel Restaurant.

Jennifer H


Simply Amazing

Beautiful secluded resort! Friendly, experienced and helpful guides, and attentive staff. The food was exceptional. The hikes were incredible. The room was comfortable, with luxurious bathrobes, toiletries, and a toilet heater. Hot saunas, freshly tempered Jacuzzis (electric generator). Very social if you wanted it to be. Would definitely return!

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Parker M


Getting it right

This is a beautiful lodge in a privileged location in a spectacular corner of Argentine Patagonia. (...)

The building is extraordinary, invisibly nestled in the lenga forest on a small hill at the mouth of the Eléctrico Valley. All the beautiful rooms have a spectacular view of the valley to the Marconi glacier. The food is fabulous (visit the outdoor grill and make friends with the kitchen staff), with many options for non-carnivores. The hostel staff is friendly, warm, and professional. Our guides were mostly highly experienced and knowledgeable local guides. The spa was very nice and underused when we were there. (...)

For us, Explora is about the excursions, and they delivered. (...)

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Explora_Reviews-El Chaltén



You won't be disappointed. Go there!!!

We were delighted with our stay here. It was beautiful, luxurious, and the staff were beyond compare. The food was A+++. Very simple and delicious. If you like "fussy nouvelle cuisine" you might be disappointed in food. The bed was the coziest bed we have ever slept in!

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It exceeded all expectations

A fabulous stay. Everything about this place surpassed our expectations. From the location, the food, the staff, the guides and the hikes. Everything was simply amazing!
I love their dedication to the environment and their investment to maintain it. I can’t recommend it enough. I’d love to return and will now check out their other properties too.

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Theo C


Incredible experience. We explored all of El Chaltén with top-notch guides and the hotel's luxuries.

The service was outstanding; they would take us everywhere and bring us back in the vans. The service everyone provided was very pleasant, always available for anything you need (…)

The Hotel's location is INCREDIBLE, in the middle of the park, with astounding views from the common areas and the rooms.

And the most important thing, the activities, which is what we went there for. We met with the guides every evening from 18:00 to 20:000 to organize the activities or explorations we wanted to do the next day. They are adapted for each group, day or moment. There are half-day and full-day excursions and with different difficulty levels.
We went with Nair, Gilda and Cecilia. Super professional.

One thing that surprised me was the fire area, where all the guests would go for a glass of wine and a snack and you could watch how they cooked the day's meal. And you got to know the other guests!

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Mary M


A unique resort stands out for its active adventures!

My daughter and I spent 4 nights in Explora and fell in love. The entire concept of a healthy and active life with serious respect for the environment is truly unique. Explora seems to be on the cutting edge of a new kind of travel experience.
The activities program is what really makes Explora special. Every evening, each guest sits down with a member of the guide staff to help plan the next day. The weather, physical condition, expedition duration and preferences are considered.

The guide staff are very phenomenal. All of the guides we went hiking with were warm, friendly, informative, enthusiastic about their role and really loved their work. Special thanks to Rocio, a really incredible guide, who did everything possible to ensure my success in climbing up to the Laguna de los Tres. (…)

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Peter T


Incredible Experience - First-Class Hotel

Truly the best experience I've had in Patagonia, and this is my fourth time visiting. The hotel is truly top-notch, and the customer service is of a high standard, from the person who greets you at the airport to the person who bids you farewell at the end of your stay.

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Karen B.


Delighted with the hotel

Spectacular! The service, the facilities, the food, the drinks, the excursions... everything!! The view of the mountain range from the room is truly a luxury. They truly made us enjoy our vacation. Thank you so much!!

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Best Location-Spectacular Views-Wonderful Staff

Spectacular property and out of this world views. Marisol the Manager of the property is always a step ahead and we loved the attention to detail and care. Alejandro our primary Excursion Organizer understood exactly what we wanted to see and what would best suit our abilities. We had a corner room #12 and had views of Torres del Paine and Salto Chico waterfall. Loved the staff in the dining room. Entire trip was pure perfection.

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Christopher G


Spectacular Location

Absolutely stunning location, great food and wine, we found the staff to all be extremely helpful and friendly, really liked the guided walks as there were so many options to choose from and we found the guides to be very professional and knowledgeable.

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Rohit Kothari


Luxury with Magical Heaven Views

Explora should be a must visit for those who love adventure. Trekking Guides are well informed, friendly and speak great English. Especially Daniel who is a wonderful guide and also a great human being. We were able to get vegetarian and Vegan food by talking to Marisol and Manuel the head of Food beforehand. Please do so. Finally the service is excellent and they make you feel at home especially Catalina in the restaurant. A must visit for those with time and wanting to connect with nature, strongly suggest the horseback riding for beginners it is very beautiful.

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One of the best ventures ever

My husband and I spent 4 nights at Explora in Torres del Paine. (…) It's very far south and a challenge to get there - but so so worth it. We loved it and recommend it very highly.

The hotel itself is beautiful - sitting in the middle of the National park there are incredible views out of every window - including our bedroom. The interior is warm and yet with a very clean design. The bartenders make fantastic cocktails which matters a lot to those it matters a lot to (aka us) - and it certainly wasn't expected.

The guides are wonderful. Friendly and full of information - earnest about what they are doing. The rest of the staff is warm and also friendly. And then the whole place feels very communal - everyone talking about their hikes and where they were before Explora and where they are going after - you walk with different people and by the end of your stay, know 50% or more of the people who are there.

It's very special. I loved it - I miss it already

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John W


Upscale Hikers Delight

Explora is world-class! A perfect experience for me and my son (guys' hiking trip) over the Christmas week. Highlights: amazing location and views; beautiful and relaxing facility; all-inclusive so you can focus only on having fun; hiking and interacting with interesting people (who would go that far if they were not interesting!); staff dedicated to making the experience the best possible; artful and delicious food and great variety; a range of hiking levels all over the park; high quality horse riding. Want a good sleep? Hike all day, have a beautiful meal and local wines (or maybe a pisco sour from the excellent bartender), chat with new friends from South Africa, then hit a great matress. Repeat the next day after an early sunrise, maybe with a rainbow. We had only a little rain, but expect lots of wind. Dress is backpackers casual; we brought too much "stuff".

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This years epic surprise I didn't see coming

So the truth is I'm a frequent adventure traveler and have been to many remote and exotic places. More often than not I'm pissy and a curmudgeon about the shortcomings of places I experience. But nay, surely not this time (...) WOW. OK, it is situated in one of the remote and most beautiful places on earth. Far too windy to fly in. No airport within over a 100 miles. So the "van" trek is 2 plus hours from Puerto Natales over gravel and dirt roads, but comfortable. If you leave from Punta Arenas the van ride is 5 hours, but even then the scenery is magnificent and Explora even has a rustic cafe stop half way that is very enjoyable. What makes Explora so remarkable is their great attention to detail. From the moment they pick you up to the moment they leave you at an airport of ship, every conceivable need you might have has been thought of and addressed by Explora before you get there. The quality of staff blew me away. (...) There are many different hikes, trails, activities including horseback rides. We did everything. All day, every day. Every guide was personable, knowledgeable and made our time most enjoyable. The resort itself is very well designed and immaculately maintained. Our room and its service was meticulous. The view from our room of the Torres del Paine peaks was breathtaking. And even more pleasantly surprising is that when Explora says your stay is all-inclusive, it really is. The food is absolutely 4 star, the wines excellent, the trail meals super and there are no nickle and dime charges for anything. All in all a really surprising and excellent experience. Kudos to whomever has put such attention to detail and a loving hand on a spectacular place.

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Elena G


Excellent service

The best thing about the Hotel is the friendly and attentive staff, always with a smile, very personalized. The guides are super well-prepared. They give good advice on which expedition to go on according to tastes and abilities. The place and the food were amazing

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Sebastián Leon



A great experience, an excellent place. The guides are top notch and the food is spectacular. Recommended 100%. A very nice place to go in the winter, with luxurious views. A totally recommendable experience!

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