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Why are there ceremonies to worship Pachamama?

Long before we worried about pollution and global warming, the Incas were already aware of the importance of environmental stewardship. The dwellers of the Sacred Valley inherited this awareness from their ancestors and kept their beliefs and traditions alive. We invite you to discover this heritage and to experience it with Explora Valle Sagrado in Cusco, Peru.


Pachamama –which means Mother Earth in the Quechua language– is the goddess that represents nature as a whole. It protects humans and provides all we need to sustain our life.

Therefore, people are required to pay homage through ancient ceremonies whereby they give back to the earth everything humans have received from it.

These ceremonies, in which offerings are made as payment to Pachamama, take place mainly during August and are basically of two types. Special offerings are made at home while the ceremonies in the high peaks of the Andes engage entire communities. Andean priests lead homages to Mother Earth so she can receive the “payment” and return her blessing. Some of the things offered to the Pachamama include coca leaves, seeds and fruits, wine, seashells and amulets.

(Image by La Nación)