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Uyuni, Bolivia

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Upon arriving in San Pedro de Atacama, travellers will be taken on several expeditions by our team in preparation for the trip to Uyuni. During two days and the first three nights, we will get to know the nature, geography and wildlife of the Atacama Desert.

Containers as shelters in Travesia Uyuni. Hiking trips, horseback rides and bike rides in the Altiplano
Traditional stone houses and cacti in Travesia Uyuni. Native flora and wilderness in the Altiplano
explora Atacama, luxury vacations in Travesia Uyuni. Family vacations and honeymoon in the Altiplano

During the rest of the travesía, we will sleep at our Altiplano shelters: Cañapa, Chituca, Tahua and Aravilla, all located between 3,700 and 4,000 m.a.s.l. We have two types of shelters: isolated containers that were repaired, and old shepherd cabins that were restored and designed like small refuges. Each shelter includes a sleeping area, a bathroom with cold and hot water and a living area with a kitchen.

Each room includes four small beds and sleeping-bags adapted to the local weather. Each room has an exclusive bathroom. We strongly recommend our travelers to bring comfortable and warm clothes for the evenings and the nights.

The location and design of the shelters will allow the travelers to sleep properly and wake up in unique and secluded places, feeling the deep and absolute immensity of the area.

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