Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats. Atacama to Uyuni 9 Days Journey

Atacama – Uyuni




The desire for discovery sees no boundaries.

A private Journey


Between Chile and Bolivia


Opening May 2020


Uyuni Lodge

About the journey

From the deep silence of the terracotta mountains in the Atacama Desert to the endless white of the Uyuni Salt Flat: unravel two of the world’s most fascinating locations in the journey of a lifetime, traveling across one of the remotest regions on Earth.

Travesía Atacama-Uyuni is a journey meant for deep immersion in discoveries from destination to destination and everywhere in between. Cross the desert from Chile to Bolivia in a 4×4 vehicle, led by an expert explora guide and a local driver. On the way, stop at explora hotel, lodge and camps to delve into the wonders of the Altiplano all through its extension, alternating hikes, drives, and rest, amidst the immensity of the region.



From Chile or Bolivia

From Chile or Bolivia

  • Duration: From 8 to 11 nights.
  • Route: This journey can set off from either the Atacama Desert in Chile or Uyuni salt flat.
  • Accommodation: All programs consider nights at explora Atacama, in our camps and Uyuni lodge.
  • Number of participants: 2 travelers.
  • Transportation: We use a 4 × 4 vehicle which has satellite communication systems and oxygen equipment, led by an expert explora guide and a local driver.
  • Highlights: The Salar de Uyuni, the Tunupa Volcano, the multicolored lagoons, geothermal fields and surreal Altiplanic landscapes.
  • When to go: This Travesía takes place between April and December. We will start operating in May, 2020. 

8 Nights

8 Nights

This 8-nights/ 9-days itinerary will show you the path to unravel two of the world’s most fascinating locations in the journey of a lifetime, travelling across one of the remotest regions on Earth: the Altiplano between Chile and Bolivia.

Our guides – with their expertise of years exploring the region – will assist your selection of explorations, so you may discover the remote whilst comfortably accustoming to the atypical altitude.

Day by day

10 Nights

10 Nights

The 10-night/ 11-days itinerary is ideal for those willing to immerse for longer in the rarities of the remote. Crossing through the Altiplano between Chile and Bolivia, discover a region infused with history and breath-taking landscapes.

Our guides will assist your selection of explorations with their knowledge from years of experience, making sure you explore the remote while comfortably getting used to the new surroundings.

Day by day

Why this journey?

Travesía Atacama - Uyuni is the ultimate travel experience, discovering the unearthly world of the Altiplano through some of the world’s most isolated hiking routes and our remote explora camps.

Travesías are a private programme from start to finish. This means an <i>explora</i> guide and a driver will always be by your side throughout the journey, steering your exploration into the depths of Uyuni, the Atacama desert, and all in between. Together, you will plan your own exploration, according to your pace, your interests, your calling.

Your own exploration

The perfect match between simplicity and comfort, rest and exploration, luxury and the essential. The hotel, camps and lodge throughout the travesía is thought out to help you restore your energy and nourish your desire for exploration day after day, stop after stop.

explora Atacama, Uyuni lodge and camps

We have roamed and studied deeply the Atacama desert and the Altiplano for over 15 years. Such experience has allowed us to grow the roots and knowledge necessary to make sure all travelers keep safe while exploring with us. All our vehicles are equipped with satellite communication systems, GPS technology, VHF radio, and oxygen supplies. Not to mention all guides and drivers, who have been highly and locally qualified for this travesía. So many years of preparation have been rewarding: in 2019, we were named South America’s Leading Expedition Company for the 8th consecutive year, in the World Travel Awards.

Safety through expertise

<i>explora</i> guides know and love the territory like their own home. All guides who work with us speak both English and Spanish, and are exceptionally trained and qualified by our own specialised School of Guides. They all carry the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification, which means they bear the essential knowledge and skills to support people in remote territories. But above all, they are passionate professionals and ever-curious human beings.

Guiding you through

Centuries of pure beauty, untouched. The only way to understand it is to feel it. Breathe it. Touch it. And yet, we are a grain of sand amidst its colossal landscapes of colour-filled lagoons, steaming geysers, peculiar rock formations, salt flats, mountains, volcanoes, and deserts. Besides the Himalayas, the altiplano is the only other location in the world that bears this rare kind of geography.

The beauty of the remote

Civilizations were born, potato and quinoa were vastly cultivated, and a number of species began to be domesticated in this very land. The Altiplano in the heart of the Andes is where Chile and Bolivia meet and meld their history, beliefs, customs, colours, and peoples

Culture of the region

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