Patagonia National Park’s Exploration Center

The purpose of our Explorations Center is to offer guidance regarding Patagonia National Park and the diverse array of activities accessible within this safeguarded region.

It is open to the general public and aims to be a space where you will have access to maps and infographics showcasing the flora and fauna of the area.

It serves as a hub for accessing products you might need for hiking and outdoor explorations, handcrafted items made by local entrepreneurs, and dining options to enjoy during your visit.

Through close collaboration with the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), we strive to provide a friendly and accessible environment for each person visiting the Park every year. This partnership with park rangers allows us to advise and inform visitors about best practices that should be considered when visiting a National Park.

Through this collaboration, and together with local communities, we aim to take a further step toward the protection of these valuable southern territories, home to dynamic and fragile ecosystems. This unique corner of the world holds a history, ecological restoration, and rich biodiversity that bestow upon Chile a valuable heritage of conservation.

Opening hours:
From 09:00 to 21:00 every day.