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Easter Island

Easter Island, Chile

Our Explorations

Easter Island’s inhabitation has baffled anthropologists for centuries. The volcanic formation rises abruptly from the infinite South-Pacific Ocean, redefining the sense of distance, mystery and wonder of all who visit its shores.

At Explora, there are over 30 different guided hikes, bike rides, snorkeling and scuba diving explorations to immerse yourself in Easter Island. All our explorations are in small groups, have difficulty levels ranging from easy to expert, and have different durations, half day or full day.

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Discover Our Explorations

Go deeper into the remote. Search by activity or by one of our exploration zones.


Walk and Go Deeper in to the remote. From easy to expert, Half day or Full Day. Always Walking with your guide, your Explora companion.

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These are van-led explorations interrupted by short-duration hikes along the way. The combination allows travelers to access areas of particular beauty and ecological significance.

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Go biking, reciving the air from the sea, from the ancient culture of Rapa Nui. Your Guide will recomend the best exploration for you.

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Self Guided

The company and knowledge of one of our guides, is available for you to discover unique locations in the areas surrounding our lodge – either on foot or bicycle. For further information approach our exploration team.

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Within a same day we can combine different types of exploration such as bicycle, hikes, overland, among others.

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At the sea

The ocean is a world in itself: infinite and abundant. To access its many mysteries travelers can choose between snorkeling and scuba diving, or both.

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The Poike zone, named after the oldest volcano on the island, offers some of its most unusual sceneries, with harsh conditions evidencing how the Rapa Nui is eroded by sea and water, one of the its people’s most pressing ecological predicaments.

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The South

The island’s very existence is testament to a battle fought long ago between fire and sea.

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Lava Flows

From water came lava and from lava came land. Tales to be told only by the elements themselves. The surrounding landscape is overall irregular and interrupted by vestiges of volcanic activity, which also characterize the zone’s memorable skyline.

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Rano Kau

As one of the volcanoes from which the island originated, Rano Kau’s vigilant gaze defines Rapa Nui’s enigmatic cultural landscape.

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The zone’s lowlands, which include the north and northeastern coasts, host many archaeological vestiges, most of which remain intact and have therefore been vital clues in understanding the island’s mysterious past.

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Hotu Iti

Carved from the volcanic slopes of the Rano Raraku, the moai are as much a part of Rapa Nui as the soil itself on which it stands.

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The waters surrounding the island offer a unique clarity for sea explorations. This is due to low levels of plankton in the area, which also cause a lower number of larger species to be found.

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