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6 reasons to explore Atacama

The Atacama Desert, known as one of the driest places in the world, is a destination that looks like a different planet. Its impressive variety of landscapes, with mountain ranges, volcanoes, dunes, salt flats and wetlands in the middle of the Altiplano make it a must for those interested in geology and nature.

The essence of Andean culture can be felt in every step you take in this remote region, where the desert's first inhabitants’ worldview and deep connection to the earth remains alive, showing us that life can thrive even in the most extreme conditions. We invite you to discover 6 reasons why you should visit this incredible destination.

1. Breathtaking landscapes

From its endless dunes to highland lagoons, geysers and canyons filled with cacti, Atacama is a destination that cannot be compared with any other in terms of its diversity of landscapes and places to impress all types of travelers. Its skies, mountains, flora and fauna change according to the altitude of the exploration.

At Explora we have designed our explorations so you can discover the territory in depth, offering multiple possibilities to explore the richness of this astounding destination. The explorations can be hiking, biking or by van and last a full day or a half day.

2. San Pedro de Atacama, a refuge in the middle of the desert

San Pedro de Atacama is a charming and picturesque town in northern Chile that, flanked by the waters of the San Pedro and Vilama rivers, making it a veritable oasis in the middle of the world’s driest desert.

Here, carob, tamarugo and pepper trees spread their branches to offer shade in the middle of the day, creating a natural refuge that regulates the temperature in this hot environment.

3. One of the clearest skies in the world

The Atacama Desert stands out as one of the best places in the world for astronomical observation. Its aridity, high altitude and absence of light pollution make this destination the ideal setting to marvel at the sky.

However, beyond the science, observing the skies in San Pedro de Atacama reminds us of our own fragility and this experience invites us to reflect on our place in the cosmos and appreciate the wonders of life.

We have our own observatory at the lodge, in the gardens, where you can explore the various constellations, nebulae and planets almost every night, discovering the mysteries of the universe with our guides.

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4. Puritama Hot Springs in the middle of a conservation reserve

The crystal-clear waters of the Puritama River run through an impressive canyon in the middle of the Andes. Natural pools are formed in the middle, heated from the depths of the earth. It is a place to disconnect from the routine and connect with yourself amid foxtails and cacti while taking in the astounding contrasts in landscape.

The hot springs are in the middle of the Explora Conservation Reserve, which helps to sustain life in two broad ecoregions where the Andean Altiplano meets the driest desert in the world. We promote sustainable tourism here to protect the rich diversity of flora and fauna that inhabits this remote destination.

5. Culinary experience developed by Virgilio Martínez

Another way to get to know a territory is through the cuisine and there is nothing better than doing so through the culinary proposition that Virgilio Martínez has designed for Explora. Virgilio is chef of the best restaurant in the world according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 ranking.

Inspired by Atacama, its history and local culture, it considers natural preparations with local ingredients such as chañar and cachiyuyo to explore the Andean region’s unique flavors. Our wine list is essential at the table or the bar and will help you explore part of Chilean territory from another perspective.

6. An all-inclusive trip

A trip with Explora is a trip to disconnect from routine and connect with nature and the remote, as you will not have to worry about anything other than enjoying yourself. We pick you up at the airport and you will begin your journey to a place with unique geographical, cultural and biodiversity features. *In addition, accommodation, meals, open bar and, of course, all explorations with our guides to the different places in the area are included. We invite you to explore the essence of the territory with us, whether on foot, horseback, bicycle or from the Explora observatory!