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4 reasons to explore the Travesía Atacama Uyuni

A trip from the driest desert in the world to its largest salt flat might sound like a major voyage, but it’s totally feasible. We have designed this unique journey as a leading company in global exploration, with 15 years of experience touring the region. We invite you to discover some of the reasons that make this Travesía an unforgettable experience.

1. A unique landscape in the world

No other place in the world offers what this exploration route does. Highland plateaus are only found in the central Andes and in Tibet.

“Walking this part of the Andean plateau felt like exploring the surface of some foreign planet where the soil is white and the water is red.  As I stood 14,000 feet above sea level, feeling the heat of aggressive sunbeams on my cheeks, I felt so close to the sky it was like I’d left Earth entirely.” This paragraph is from a report on the Travesía described in Travel & Leisure’s May 2023 edition.


2. Discover amazing places in the remotest corners of South America

Exploring the Atacama Desert is the perfect starting point to adapt to the heights of the Altiplano and embark on an unparalleled journey. Its geological formations and aridity arouse the imagination due to its similarities with the planet Mars and its incomparable landscapes: dunes, mountains and geysers make this place an oasis that proves life can flourish in one of the driest destinations on the planet.

The trip across the Altiplano is a transition, a silence that allows you to truly feel the remote and experience a different world: fauna and untamed landscapes across virgin trails. A journey between Chile and Bolivia that captures the power and beauty of the geography that connects the two countries before reaching the apparently infinite landscapes of the Uyuni salt flats. Proof that the surreal can at times become real. Contemplation, admiration, infinity.

3. Exclusivity

It is a private trip for two people from start to finish. Our Explora guide and a driver will always be with you during the trip, leading the exploration in the infinite Uyuni, the Atacama Desert and the Altiplano. Your guide will recommend and propose various options to explore this territory and be a true travel companion. You may decide to go biking in Uyuni or simply go on a walk through a landscape of colorful lagoons. Or just sit and listen to the silence in middle of the heights.

4. Our Lodges

The journey begins in one of our lodges and ends in another. On the way across the Altiplano you will come across our small mountain lodges built in cooperation with the Bolivian communities in the region. Authentic people who have dedicated their lives to cultivating knowledge of their territories. You will have authentic experiences at each of these lodges, as they are served by members of these communities.

The views are unparalleled: lagoons, highlands, skies, the salt flat and the desert. Everything is included in the trip: airport transfers, private guide, explorations, meals and beverages.

You will have a unique experience every day, from lodge to lodge, on a journey in which you will experience multiple sensations in unique and remote places.

In Atacama you will find a menu designed by chef Virgilio Martínez, chef of the #1 restaurant in the world, while our mountain lodges offer the proposition developed by the chefs of Ancestral – a restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia.

You can start your Travesia in Atacama or Uyuni.

We look forward to seeing you.