explora RAPA NUI

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of emergency medical services are there?

All of our guides have Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification, which guarantees that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide assistance to people in remote places.
At Hanga Roa there is an emergency medical center.

2. How can my family contact me in case of emergency?

They can call: (56 2) 3952700, (56 2) 3952701, (56 2) 3952702, (56 2) 3952703, (56 2) 3952704, send a fax to (56 2) 3952705, or e-mail recrapanui@explora.com

3. What equipment should I bring?

We will provide you – at no additional cost – with walking sticks and leg guards for treks and all of the necessary equipment for cycling and snorkeling. Find out about the equipment you need to bring.

4. Is it possible to change the type of room I have?

When making the reservation, you should choose a room with either a king-size bed or two double beds. Once you are in Rapa Nui, should you so desire, you may change rooms, as long as there is availability.

5. Are the rooms air-conditioned?

Yes, all the rooms have air conditioning, although the lodge is constructed in such a way that it is rarely needed.

6. What kinds of vehicles are used to travel around at explora?

Vans which are roomy and comfortable with capacity for 8 people.

7. What time are the transfers by minibus between Rapa Nui airport and Posada de Mike Rapu?

Transport between Rapa Nui airport and Posada de Mike Rapu, both for arrivals and departures, is planned around the flight times of travelers. There will therefore always be a minibus available to bring you to the lodge or take you to the airport.

8. Can I go horseback riding or scuba diving in Rapa Nui?

Yes, although these services are not included in our rates. We will assist you in contacting one of the centers which offers these services on the island.

9. Can I visit the beaches and the town on my own on Rapa Nui?

Yes. If you want to go to the Anakena or Oahe beaches or to the town of Hanga Roa, you may take a taxi from the lodge or you can cycle. The journey by bicycle to either point takes around 30 minutes.

10. Is there mobile phone reception at Posada de Mike Rapu?

There is no signal for mobile phone service at Hotel Posada de Mike Rapu; however we have landline (fixed-line) service at an appropriate cost for the traveler.

11. Does the overall rate include a tip?

No. At explora, tipping is voluntary. If you would like to leave a tip, you may give it to lodge reception when your stay is over. This tip will be divided among all who made your trip a unique experience. For those who are unsure about the appropriate amount for a tip, we suggest leaving US$100 per traveler per stay.

12. What are the lodge’s coordinates?

S 51º 06’ 31’’ W 072º 21’27’’

13. What is the altitude of the lodge?

Almost at sea level.

How to Arrive

On arrival at the airport in Santiago, Chile, take a connecting flight to Isla de Pascua (Easter Island or Rapa Nui), which lasts five hours.

It is also possible to get a flight to Isla de Pascua from Tahiti (Papeete), which also takes five hours.

From Mataveri airport, Isla de Pascua, our staff will take you to Posada de Mike Rapu, a 5-minute trip.