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In the middle of the Pacific

explora RAPA NUI

Located 3,700 kilometers (2,237 miles) from the American continent, surrounded by the world’s most transparent waters, Rapa Nui is the cradle of an unusual and enigmatic culture which persists to this day. The language, music and many traditions remain alive amongst the island’s inhabitants, while the enormous carved stone moai tell of a more remote past.

The Rapa Nui adventure explorations we offer use Posada de Mike Rapu as our base. The Rapa Nui hotel is located on a hill in the Te Miro Oone area in the center of the island (27º09’ S and 109º 26’ W).


At explora we offer journeys and amazing Rapa Nui travel, not just a place to stay.

Our lodges are integral to the overall experience; we regard each as a center from which to explore the details of the natural and cultural surroundings.

Every day you can choose from a wide range of explorations. On foot or by bicycle; a couple of hours or a full day; relaxed or physically demanding.

At the end of each exploration, our lodge is always there waiting for you: a place to enjoy and regain the energy you will need to continue exploring.