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The desert - alive

explora ATACAMA

The first humans arrived in this area over 10,000 years ago, giving rise to what later became a rich culture concentrated in and around oases like the one at San Pedro.

Diverse and unusual forms of wildlife have found ways to develop in the midst of high volcanoes, salt flats, lagoons and ravines.

The explorations we offer in Atacama use Hotel de Larache as their base which is located in the San Pedro de Atacama oasis (22º 55’ S and 68º 12’ W); an area of surprising natural and cultural wealth.


At explora we offer journeys and amazing Atacama travel, not just a place to stay.

Our lodges form part of a greater experience, as each one is designed to be a central point from which you can explore the natural and cultural surroundings in detail.

Each day you can choose from a wide range of explorations. They may be on foot or horseback, or by bicycle; a couple of hours long or a full day; gentle or more physically demanding.

At the end of each exploration, our lodge is always there waiting for you: a place to enjoy and regain the energy you will need to keep on exploring.