Patagonia, Chile


explora actively introduces travelers to the great scenery of South America, through a well prepared exploration program. Our base is a hotel built for linking man to temporary space – present and past- and the mysteries of nature. explora Patagonia is located at the center of the Torres del Paine National Park, the heart of Patagonia, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

On the shores of Lake Pehoe, it has breathtaking views of the Paine ridge and the granite towers.

Its construction is based around essential luxuries, allowing the traveler to inhabit the remote location in its essence without distractions. Wood plays a fundamental role in its design, with species such as lenga, cypress and almendrillo.


Our dishes have been designed to enable guests to perform various explorations and still feel light, agile, and healthy.

Furthermore, based on our luxury of the essential, we seek to offer pure flavors from quality ingredients. Bringing out the best of each product is our motto.

Our dishes are always accompanied by a superb Chilean wine. We also carry a menu of Premium wines for those that would like to try other alternatives.


Our massage room and pool area are located 100 meters away from the main building, connected by a sloped wood path. It is equipped with a heated, covered pool, sauna, and four open-air jacuzzis with views to the Paine River. Inside, you can choose from our essential oils massages: therapeutic, relaxation, energetic, and more.


The Explorer’s Bar is the meeting place of our guides for planning explorations. Stocked with liquor and Chilean wines, the bar is frequently the meeting point of returning groups at nightfall.


Our store carries all the items necessary for taking explorations, along with local artisanal goods and books of the area.


explora Patagonia is the only hotel in the area with its own horses, bred and trained especially by us for our traveler’s horse expeditions. Our 26 horses of different breeds and crosses have been raised in the Ibáñez family estate in the central valley of Chile. Their care is the responsibility of a team led by Gaela Hourcq, veterinarian horse specialist.


Of French nationality, Gaela has over 15 years of professional equine experience having worked in prestigious stables in England, Ireland, France, United States, and Japan. She has been with explora for five years supervising the breeding, raising, breaking, feeding and care of the horses.


Located at the Dos de Enero Ranch, the Quincho is the starting point of some of our horseback rides. Also, from September to April and as weather permits, it shelters one of Patagonia’s most typical gastronomic activities: spit-roasted lamb. Waiting for the treat to be ready, you share a mate with the gauchos and hear exciting local stories. The wait is worth the while.


Along with its pristine landscapes, Patagonia is home to the peculiar and legendary gaucho culture. 53 km from the hotel, at the 2 de Enero Ranch, you can share a mate with them; participate in the shearing of the sheep, the driving of the livestock, horse breaking and other traditional activities on this 6,000-hectare ranch, property of explora.

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