Exploring Patagonia in the southern winter

New season rates

Winter in Patagonia remains as one of the Travel Industry’s best kept secrets.

New season rates

Contrary to popular belief, Patagonian weather is on best behavior during the southern winter months of June, July and August with significantly less wind and rain, and significantly more sunshine.

With nothing but the crunch of the earth under your hiking boots, winter in Patagonia remains as one of the Travel Industry’s best kept secrets.

“The impressive horns of the Paine Massif twinkled in shades of gold and silver under the southern Sun, fading into yellow and orange as dusk crept upon us. More than one afternoon was crowned by an unexpected rainbow and the warmth of golden sunlight hit the lakes and mountains in sheer splendor. Cosiness was redefined as night fell, when we gathered in front of the lodge’s fireplace sipping Chilean wine and exchanged travel stories as the Patagonian wind howled angrily outside. The end of the world in a truly unique light.”

Andrés Weiss – explora Traveler.


USD $552 for a 6 night-stay.

USD $600 for a 5 night-stay.

USD $660 for a 4 night-stay.

USD $726 for a 3 night-stay.


  • Valid for check-in dates between June 1st and August 14th, 2016
  • 3 nights minimum stay
  • Click here to see Patagonia’s Winter Rates

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