Horse Riding in Patagonia and Atacama from Easy to Expert


Horses are an important part of explora. Both explora Atacama as well as explora Patagonia have over 20 horses, all raised and trained in Colunquén, a ranch in Central Chile that belongs to the Ibáñez family, owners of explora.

Each of our horses has been rigorously prepared for riders of different levels of expertise.

We have 23 different horseback explorations, which have different difficulty levels, varying from easy to expert:

  • Easy: Suitable for beginners and children.
  • Moderate: Suitable for travelers with some riding experience.
  • Advanced: Suitable for travelers who are experienced riders, skilled in trotting and cantering, and able to ride for longer distances.
  • Expert: Suitable for proficient riders.

If you are a beginner, we offer special classes that will enable you to participate in the horseback exploration programs suitable for new riders.



Of French nationality, Gaela has over 25 years of professional equine experience having worked in prestigious stables in England, Ireland, France, United States, and Japan. She has been with explora since 2003 supervising the breeding, raising, breaking, feeding and care of every one of our horses.


Along with its pristine landscapes, Patagonia is home to the peculiar and legendary gaucho culture. All our horseback explorations are guided not only by one of our guides, but also by a gaucho. Their horsemanship knowledge, as well as their passion for their land, enriches our travelers’ experience in Patagonia.

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