Explora guides for Sacred Valley Cusco, Peru

Guides for explora Valle Sagrado

At explora, we invite our travelers to explore the surroundings and challenge themselves every step of the way. We promote a healthy interaction with nature and local cultures, and our explorations are relatively demanding physically. At the same time, our hotels are designed to be havens to retreat to after a long day of explorations, as they provide all the necessary comforts for our travelers.

Guides for explora Valle Sagrado


The explora guide’s mission statement

Our guides play a fundamental part in the explora experience. They not only guide our explorations but, ultimately, define each traveler’s experience, becoming their travel companion, and our brand’s most important ambassador.

We take great pride in our guides’ training and have our own Guide School where we train and qualify a few carefully selected candidates based on our unique concept of “the art of travel”.

 The explora guides responsibilities

  • Accompany explora travelers in the in-depth exploration of our natural and cultural surroundings.
  • Acquire an in-depth knowledge of the area where he, or she, is based and an ability to guide each traveler to select the exploration that best meets their interests and capabilities, while always encouraging them to overcome new challenges.
  • Enjoy a good conversation and be available to answer questions, while also respecting the gift of silence and the traveler’s privacy.
  • Adapt and react positively to any situation, seeing this as an opportunity to surprise. An explora guide looks for adventure while also guarding the traveler’s safety; interprets each location and adapts this to each traveler’s needs, but does not spoil any surprises along the way, allowing each traveler to discover the place in his or her own, unique way.



Commitments & Responsibilities of the explora Guide

  • Commitment to the explora philosophy and to the exploration team’s core values.
  • A positive, flexible and proactive attitude which encourages productive coordination and outstanding teamwork.
  • To lead explorations with the objective of providing each and every traveler with a memorable experience. Planning and complying with the team’s logistics and always maintaining adequate personal presentation.
  • To coach travelers through every exploration, whether on horseback, foot or bicycle and thereby help them attain their goals.
  • Guides must be available when not actually on duty to help find new exploration routes, to train other members of staff, to work with local communities and to assume responsibility for other unplanned requirements.
  • To take part in the Travel-log every afternoon, when they talk to travelers about the explorations planned for the next day, detailing the goals, the difficulty level, the likely duration and necessary equipment.
  • To give presentations and to talk to travelers about different subjects of interest (flora, fauna, geology, glaciology, astronomy, history, anthropology, bird-watching, etc.).
  • To be available, at all times, for questions, for modifications to the programs and for anything else a traveler may need.
  • To be responsible for the Guide’s storeroom; cleaning all the equipment and utensils used during an exploration.
  • Participate in the Quinchos. These are traditional barbeques which take place one or twice a week during the high season.
  • Maintaining the Guide’s house clean and tidy with the objective of always showing respect for the other guides and contributing to a positive work environment.


  • Excellent physical condition in order to guide all the explorations. No debilitating injuries.
  • Be between 23 and 35 years old.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish and, ideally, a third language.
  • Knowledge about outdoor activities
  • University (or College) degree.
  • A commitment to explora for a minimum of two seasons (18 months).


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