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Atacama – Uyuni

explora Atacama, Uyuni lodge and camps: bases for exploration

The perfect match between simplicity and comfort, rest and exploration, luxury and the essential. Each accommodation throughout the travesía is thought out to help you restore your energy and nourish your desire for exploration day after day, stop after stop.

explora Atacama, luxury vacations in Travesia Uyuni. Family vacations and honeymoon in the Altiplano
explora Atacama. Spa, sauna, ambient-temperature pools for relaxing
Travesia Atacama Uyuni Camp Chile Bolivia
Chituca Travesia Atacama Uyuni Camp Chile Bolivia
Ramaditas Travesia Atacama Uyuni Camp Chile Bolivia
Uyuni Travesia Atacama Uyuni Camp Chile Bolivia

The architecture of all our lodge in Uyuni and camps in the Altiplano has been planned as to reduce interference with natural surroundings as much as possible, and to highlight the landscapes that host every construction. In the words of Chilean architect Max Núñez, his project aims to “provide the traveler the experience of a lifetime in the Altiplano”.

explora Atacama, Chile (2,407 m.a.s.l – 7,897 f.a.s.l)

Our lodge in the desert is only steps away from the village of San Pedro de Atacama. Every detail, from architecture to cuisine, has been idealized for your maximum comfort and fulfilling rest in the end of a day of discoveries in the remote. Explore towering sand dunes, marvelous salt esplanades, and monumental volcanoes under the clearest sky on Earth by foot, bicycle, horseback, van and hiking, or even from our observatory. Besides 50 spacious rooms, explora Atacama embodies an observatory, stables, a swimming pool and hot tub area, and a traditional adobe house, where our typical barbecue takes place, with local music and folkloric dances. A legitimate Andean experience.

Ramaditas Camp, Bolivia (4,075 m.a.s.l – 13,369 f.a.s.l.)

Vivid multi-colored lagoons and the centenary silence of the Andean mountains mesh with the Ramaditas Camp, a combination of cozy common areas and 4 double or matrimonial rooms in the very heart of the Altiplano. Staying at this camp includes a myriad of exploration possibilities, such as geysers, salt flats, lagoons, rock formations, ancient commercial routes and extensive Andean valleys. Truly breath-taking.

Chituca Camp, Bolivia (3,732 m.a.s.l – 12,244 f.a.s.l)

The panoramic view of the Altiplano and salt flat that once used to be admired by shepherds from their settlement is today’s view from our Chituca Camp. There are many more past settlements and other cultural relics in the region for exploring, besides Andean landscapes, colorful quinoa fields, and local villages full of history waiting to be shared. Once it is time to rest, you may relax in the camp’s cozy living room, and appreciate the incredible view from our dining room as your relish the final meal of the day. Chituca Camp can accommodate up to 8 travelers at a time, in double or matrimonial rooms.

Uyuni Lodge, Bolivia (3,681 m.a.s.l – 12,077 f.a.s.l)

In the northern border of the Uyuni salt flat, settled on the slopes of the mighty Tunupa volcano, our lodge welcomes you with an outstanding view of the vastest salt flat on Earth. The region allures exploration. Climb the polychromous slopes of the Tunupa, navigate across islands of the salt flat, and discover local villages, wetlands and archaeological sites all around us.

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