Trip to El Chaltén. Unique in-depth experience to El Chaltén

Trip to El Chaltén

A Travesía explora to El Chaltén. An unforgettable experience.

Trip to El Chaltén


This mountain could very well suffer from an identity crisis. In Chile it is called Fitz Roy and in Argentina, El Chaltén, which means “smoky mountain” in Tehuelche language. And there is more. Because it is almost always surrounded by clouds, for a long time it was thought to be a volcano. But it isn’t. Experience this mountain in a trip to El Chaltén.

With a clear identity or not, a native or a foreign name, this is a very important mountain. Considered sacred for local indigenous peoples, it is part of their cosmogony. Furthermore, its interest for tourism and strategic bordering location were important enough to establish a town in 1985 that bears its name, self-proclaimed “the youngest in Argentina”.

But only a few “pass through” El Chaltén. Its name is more associated with a destination, a trip to El Chaltén.

A trip to El Chaltén

This destination is a must for those who boast being familiarized with Patagonia. In the middle of the National Los Glaciares Park, top attractions are mountain sports such as trekking, mountain climbing, rafting, horseback riding and expeditions. El Chaltén also draws travelers interested in flora, fauna or sport fishing. Furthermore, visitors cannot miss walking to the granite needles that surround the town.

There are other natural attractions in the trip to El Chaltén, including Cerro Torre the South Patagonia Ice Field, Argentino Lake, Viedma Lake, Capri Lagoon, Piedras Blancas Glacier, Viedma Glacier, Los Tres Lagoon and Chorrillo del Salto.

A-lake-in-Travesia-El-Chaltenexplora takes you to El Chaltén

More than a trip it’s a journey, as suggested by explora, which has a new traveling modality based on in-depth expeditions, the luxury of essentials and sustainable development.

The explora hallmark is linked to a concept of luxury associated with experience, not appearance. In a world plagued by imitations, explora offers the luxury of approaching things in their natural state.

A journey with explora is a nomadic trip during which borders are blurred to unveil territories and some of the world’s most isolated trekking routes.

One of the three journeys offered by this world-class operator of adventure experiences is the trip to El Chaltén. A unique route on both sides of the Patagonia, following a path that no other company is offering.

This is the best way to embrace the vastness and natural diversity of Patagonia, discovering a land of contrasts resulting from the interplay of mountains, wind and ice. You will also learn more about the gaucho lifestyle in the trip to El Chaltén.

A Nine-Day Trip to El Chaltén

Through several walking expeditions of different intensity and durations during the first four days, those who come to El Chaltén can get to know the area’s geology, glaciology and wildlife.

The glaciers located at both sides of the border are one of the many attractions of this trip. Together, they form the huge Southern Ice Fields, one of the world’s largest fresh water reservoirs.

There are small hotels on both sides of the border to use as a base from where to continue exploring. After visiting El Chaltén, there is a border crossing at Cerro Castillo. Along the route you can enjoy the typical contrasts of Patagonia, from the steep mountain landscape of the Paine to the typical plains of the Patagonian pampa.


Arriving at explora Patagonia

After visiting El Chaltén, explora Patagonia operates as a base to explore the National Torres del Paine Park. There is a broad array of expeditions from which to pick every day, including half day or full day outings. Walking or horseback riding, to take it easy or more physically demanding, expeditions will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of this place’s geography and wildlife.

But a special reward is waiting for you after four journeys in El Chaltén: the explora Patagonia Hotel. With an award-winning architecture and elegant shapes, this place welcomes tired feet and souls bursting with a wealth of emotions and sensations.

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