Travelling to South America. Un lujo de experiencias inolvidables

Travelling to South America

Travelling to South America

She’s been thinking about it for a long time. She doesn’t know where to begin and even less where to continue. But she knows she is ready. It’s time to make this dream come true: traveling to South America.

An untiring explorer, Sofía wants to go further. This new continent has many of the things she likes: music, colors, flavors and laughter. Caribbean beaches, mythological civilizations, tropical forests and Patagonian glaciers. Everything fits in and has a meaning in this place where contrast seems to be the only rule.

How to Travel to South America

At first, one can feel overwhelmed by such a great and diverse continent. It’s true that abroad they generalize, but Sofía knows that the experience of traveling to South America can be extremely varied depending on the region chosen.

The relationship is quite obvious. She knows that the more south you go there is less influence from the north and its visitors. And that is precisely what she wants, sharing the culture and learning about its people so that traveling to South America is something new and inspiring.

Soon Sofía realizes that she needs to overcome prejudices and generalizations: weather is hot everywhere; everybody speaks Spanish; it’s dangerous and everything is cheap. As always, there is a bit of everything.

And so she narrows her search. She knows that by travelling to South America she is looking for something different to what others have experienced. She wants to get to remote places where only few have reached.

explora Atacama, a luxury hotel in the world´s driest desert, Chile

Luxury Trip to South America

She flies from Santiago to Calama and the hotel’s transfer takes her to her new temporary lodge in less than 1 hour. As one of the driest places on Earth, the Atacama Desert has an energy that attracts many of those who travel to South America.

She doesn’t want to be part of a tour group; she wants to build her own way. That’s how she decided that her first stop when getting to South America would be explora Atacama.

The hotel has a prize-winning architectural design. The quality and elegance of its materials and the coziness of the environment makes here smile. Sofia realizes that the luxury she is about to live has to do with experience, not appearance. In a world where imitations abound, traveling to South America through the explora experience helps you understand that the true luxury is approaching things in their natural state.

Pure Atacama

With limpid skies and boundless expanses, Atacama is a special place: salt fields, high-plateau lakes, red-golden dusks and astronomic observatories. The list of possible expeditions seems endless. But explora’s promise in its four hotels and three journeys is particularly about unveiling the essence of nature, a voyage philosophy that seeks to meet the spirit of adventure in an untouched universe.

The night she arrives, Sofía sees small groups gathering in the hotel´s lobby. They are planning tomorrow’s expeditions while the guide shares the routes and challenges they will face.

She just can’t wait until tomorrow. Finally her dream of coming to South America is about to begin. And what about you? Are you up for it?


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