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Terms and conditions of health emergency COVID-19


The passenger must accept the following terms and conditions at the time of booking.
In the case of groups, each passenger member of the group must send their acceptance of the terms and conditions.
In the case of minors or persons subject to guardians or legal representation, the consent regarding the terms and conditions that follow must be given by their guardian or legal representative.

FIRST: Explora adheres to the legislation and regulations issued by the health authorities in the countries where Explora operates as a consequence of the COVID 19 disease, also known as SARS CoV2. In this understanding, and given the exceptional situation that exists, the regulations of the Tourism Sector require hotels a series of informative and reactive measures, as well as the implementation of protocols for the prevention and reduction of the risk of contagion. The Protocols and Other regulations are mandatory for all establishments that operate accommodation (hotels) in the country.
The health authorities in the countries where Explora operates made a series of demands and recommendations from which this document emanates.

SECOND: In accordance with the regulations of the health authorities in the countries where Explora operates, all passengers must fill out an affidavit of health through online questionnaires, or through questionnaires that will be delivered upon arrival, and must also show their Identity card or passport, for preventive purposes and traceability where appropriate, and must also indicate the origin.
Passengers will receive at the time of booking and / or at the time of Check-In a pdf copy of the Protocol Prepared by Explora for the management and prevention of COVID 19 in their establishments. This Protocol was carefully elaborated on the basis of the current regulations in the country, taking into account that the destinations of the lodges are in different geographical points, height above sea level, proximity to airports, etc.
This Protocol includes preventive and reactive measures, which are an integral part of the contracting conditions in the terms of the laws of the health authorities in the countries where it operates on the protection of consumer rights, especially taking into account the health emergency and of the need to comply with the regulations both by the provider and by the guests.
Each passenger must receive and declare to have received a copy of the Protocol for the Explora records.

In the case of groups of passengers, each passenger must receive a copy of the Protocol and must accept the terms and conditions, without it being possible to presume the consent of each one for the sole delivery of a copy to the head of the group or whoever he or she designates to represent them.
An updated version of the Protocol is also available to the public and passengers on the www.explora.com website.

THIRD: Formation of consent. Every passenger accepts and declares to have received a copy of the Protocol, whether in pdf or paper format, and undertakes to read it and give it full compliance in good faith, stating that this is precisely the way to help prevent infections and manage of suspected and / or confirmed cases.
In this sense, the contract considers as an integral part of the formation of the consent given by both Explora and by the Guest, the full acceptance of the content of the Protocol and of the terms and conditions of contracting for health emergencies, as well as being subject to its content. at all times.

FOURTH: Preventive measures: Explore adheres to and complies with the indications on exhaustive cleaning and disinfection of the establishment, following the guidelines for the cleaning and disinfection process of public spaces and workplaces indicated in operating protocols issued by the health authorities in the countries where Explora operates. In this sense, surfaces, rooms, implements, vehicles and common places will be disinfected as indicated by the supervisory authority, using certified products. The Explora staff adheres to and complies with the sanitary provisions issued for the sanitary emergency, as indicated in the Protocol and in the Decrees of the respective Ministry. Likewise, maximum capacities are established in the different places and means of transport, demands on personnel, among other measures in compliance with current provisions.

FIFTH: Duties of passengers: Without prejudice to the full detail of the rights and duties of the traveler contained in the Protocol, all passengers agree to submit to extraordinary measures required by the health emergency, and express their real will to comply with them. By way of example, the following can be pointed out: disinfecting shoe soles in the places provided for this purpose; use alcohol gel (70%) that will be provided by Explora both in the lodge and in the means of transport to tourist destinations; undergo temperature measurement in the places where it is required; give immediate notice in case a symptom or any element is detected that may suggest that the traveler is infected or has been in close contact with another infected person; avoid touching nose and mouth; continually wash your hands; use a mask at all times unless its use is exceptionally dispensed; maintaining social or physical distance, refraining from shaking hands, sneezing near other people are maintaining hygienic conditions, this is covering with the forearm or a disposable handkerchief, and submitting to reactive protocols in case of detecting a suspicion or confirmation of COVID-19 in the manner established in the legislation and in the respective Protocols.
As a way to prevent contagion, every passenger must sign a health affidavit upon arrival at the destination. In addition, all passengers will undergo a daily health self-check, in the manner described in the Protocol.

SIXTH: Protocol in case of symptoms: The health authorities in the countries where Explora operates establish a mode of operation for cases in which a traveler is detected or suspected to present symptoms, both in the first contact with Explora personnel at the airport as during your stay. It is the duty of Explora to inform tourists of the practices that are being implemented to reduce possible risks, so that they contribute to them and thus improve their perception of the measures adopted. In this understanding, Explora will inform passengers about the health services they can turn to in case of requiring medical attention, having available the telephone numbers, addresses and means of transport that could provide the service.

If there is a well-founded suspicion (due to symptoms and origin) that a person staying may be affected by Covid-19, the current provisions provide for isolating said person in their room, and, where possible, designate an exclusive area inside the hotel . Immediately contact will be made with the health authority and / or health service to report the case, and a safe transfer must be arranged as soon as possible if necessary and possible. In the event that the client refuses, the tourist accommodation must notify the health service so that they can adopt the corresponding measures.

If the case is ruled out, the passenger will be able to resume their regular activities. If the result is positive, the following is distinguished:
a) If the case requires hospitalization, the passenger will stay in a health facility.
b) If hospitalization is not required, the passenger must follow the guidelines recommended by the health authorities. Explora will facilitate contacts. If there are associated costs, these will be covered by the passenger, it is recommended to have current insurance.

In both cases, if the stay is interrupted by a suspected or confirmed case, the amount paid equivalent to the remainder of the time of stay of the affected person remains as a credit in favor for 18 months. Rate and seasonal differences apply. Transferable.

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