Salta Accommodation in Journey from San Pedro de Atacama

Salta, Argentina

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During our journey through the Calchaquíes Valleys and the Andean Range, we shall stay at our lodges Tambo la Quesera and El Laco, the latter being the highest and most isolated of all, at 4,200 m.a.s.l.

Explorers among stone houses
salta accommodation Shelters in the Altiplano
Bathroom and foxtail plants

The shelters vary in their construction, as appropriate for each case. Some use refurbished maritime containers made of steel with protection against low temperatures. Others have been fitted from the restoration of century-old constructions built in stone and mud.

They have all been especially fitted with a sector of bedrooms that include camp beds, sleeping bags and bed linen suitable for the climate of the areas we will be exploring, and another of private bathrooms for each of the bedrooms. They also have a kitchen and dining area.

We shall also stay for 3 days at our ranch Finca Rancagua, built from the old school of the place. Built in adobe and carob wood, it has 3 double bedrooms, and a barbecue area, and it is located beside one of the narrows of the river, granting it a spectacular setting.

Depending of the starting point, at the end or beginning of the journey you shall spend some nights at San Pedro de Atacama, from where we shall explore the natural surroundings and cultural environment of the region.

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