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The safety of our travelers and staff has always been our top priority. We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure your full peace of mind when exploring our remote territories during these uncertain times.

The COVID-19 poses a new type of challenge. But we will face it with a highly trained team and revised protocols.

Our remote locations and off-the-crowd philosophy are an advantage today more than ever.

We know that now is the time to take action, and we have to do it smartly. That is why we have identified four areas that hold the critical aspects of safety. To tackle the advance of the COVID-19, we will implement measures recommended by the WHO, the scientific community, and local authorities:

    • Our staff & communities
      We’re taking this time to review our protocols in detail –both indoors and outdoors– and to retrain our teams to face the Covid-19, so we can be ready when the time comes for us to meet and explore. During these challenging times, we are keeping all of our staffs’ contracts in place, taking care of our people, their families, and the communities where we belong. We are also implementing a support program for our suppliers, keeping our bond particularly with small-scale local vendors.
    • Our travelers 
      We will implement measures to verify that everyone arrives healthy to our lodges. Still, the use of masks in common areas will be requested, hand sanitizers will be available for every person, and changes will be made to ensure adequate social distancing in common areas such as dining rooms. Our explorations will take place in even smaller groups than before and keeping our off-the-beaten-track philosophy.
    • Our service 
      We are committed to maintaining the innocuity and impeccability of our food and beverage processes, as we always have, following local and international protocols. Throughout this period, we will make adjustments to our supply chain, kitchen preparation, and dining room handling processes, where needed.
    • Our space & equipment
      The cleanliness and safety protocols of our facilities, vehicles, and exploration equipment will be enhanced. We will increase the frequency with which we clean, disinfect, and ventilate common areas. Exploration equipment will be meticulously cleaned after every use, as well as vehicles’ interiors and exterior.

Why explora is already positioned for this

Why <em>explora</em> is already positioned for this

What defines explora will also be the cornerstone to create a safe operation during the COVID-19 times. Some of our most important operational features to ensure your safety are the following:

  • We always travel in small groups.
  • Our philosophy has always been to look for uncrowded places, being in a natural setting that is as quiet as possible.
  • Our operations are expansive but intimate. When you are in the hotel, you can see that being by yourself is possible.

You will feel at home. We will be looking after you at all times, so when the time comes and we can welcome you again, you can live a unique experience at our destinations, without any worries in your mind except to enjoy your exploration with us.


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