Our travelers' reviews on Tripadvisor
July 30, 2018

Our travelers’ reviews on Tripadvisor

There isn’t a better reference than from those who have already stayed with us so that future travelers can get an idea of what the explora experience is like. Here, we share with you some of our traveler’s reviews.

explora Patagonia

“Fabulous experience – would recommend Explora to anyone”

“We like to plan a trip to a colder climate to escape the summer heat. We were aware that it would be winter in Chile but Patagonia has been on our bucket list. We were so fortunate to have been recommended to stay at EXPLORA! From the moment we were picked up at the airport in Punta Arenas until our final goodbyes to the staff, we had a marvelous time. Explora obviously has lots of practice in making sure that every bit of your stay is interesting and comfortable. They do not overlook any detail. The hotel is lovely. Every room has gorgeous views of the Paines. The staff were attentive and very friendly. We were pampered in every respect. The guides were fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeable about the area and provided details on the flora, fauna and geologic development of the area. We were thoroughly happy with our stay. We will absolutely go to Explora again!”, Simone DAustin.

explora Valle Sagrado

explora Valle Sagrado

“The Jewel of the Sacred Valley (Cuzco)”

“I took my wife to spend a couple days at explora – Sacred Valley. The idea was to disconnect from e-mails and enjoy what this outstanding hotel can offer to the ‘viajantes’ from the Spa to advanced trecking in the mountains which are closed to the Hotel. They assembled a wonderful team of personal mountain guides from different geographies in Peru and also they are able to explain what historical value those Inca trails have. The guides studied Inca history – so they will be able to bring more color to the experience you are having. It is wonderful! In addition, you can select from various alternatives if you want to make a hard mountain trecking which will cover the entire day or a light trecking which coverthe half day. One important remark is that they pay a lot of attention to the beginners in order to provide for them an adaptation process during the stay because with this process you can reach high altitudes – close to thirteen thousand feet at the mountains. It was a tremendous experience and worth each day we dedicated at this hotel.”, Leonardo M.

explora Rapa Nui

Rano Raraku

“Learning vacation”

“Explora is a journey closer to the history, culture, archeology, jo, and adventure at on Rapa Nui. If TV in the room is a must, don’t go. If intelligent, interesting, happy company suits you: take the trip! Oh, and the meals are sublime!”, coeurs2018.

explora Atacama

explora Atacama

“Best Experience Ever”

“Go with your mind open to new and exciting experiences – no preconceptions or expectations- and you’ll have a time of your life. The Travesia is incomparable. Atacama desert wonderful with loads to see. Our trip was marred by snow closing border crossings however, you can’t control nature.”, Ron D.


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