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Press Release

In light of the fire occurred this Wednesday, October 21st, at explora Atacama, located in San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta Region, explora informs to all our traveller, travel agencies and tour operators:

1. The fire affected some common areas of the hotel and was reduced to the reception, dining hall, bar, registration and exploration and guide equipment office. It didn’t reach the passengers rooms, nor staff, neither the stables.

2. The reasons of the fire are still unknown and are being investigated by the corresponding authorities.

3. There are insurances involved.

4. The quick reaction of the hotel staff allowed the evacuation of passengers and employees alike, therefore, thankfully, there is no one injured or hurt to regret.

5. Travelers that were in the hotel are being transferred to other hotels.

6. explora is maintaining contact with travel agencies and tour operators in Chile and abroad, to coordinate solutions for passengers who had reservations in explora Atacama.

7. explora deeply regrets these events and is committed with the San Pedro community and its passengers to strongly work in the tasks that will allow reopening the doors of explora Atacama, to keep offering the deep exploration service that has allowed us to be pioneers and become the national and worldwide leader in this category.

8. explora informs that its hotels in Torres del Paine and Easter Island are functioning in an absolutely normal fashion.

9. explora will solve any doubt through and in the +56 22 3952800 number.


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