Women in explora- International Women's Day
March 8, 2017

Women in explora

In this International Women’s Day, we want to highlight the role of women in explora, many of whom have made a difference, not only for the company but also for our travelers.

explora woman staff

Jessica Dill, Marcela Sigall, Romina Da Pieve, Miryan Castaño y Cristel Alcazar.

Some of their outstanding features are a smile, care for details and the positive energy with which they face their everyday tasks.

Romina Da PieveRomina Da Pieve, Head of Exploration Experiences

“I think women have played and play a relevant role in our everyday operations. In my opinion, one of the things that make a difference is care for details. This good habit was passed along to us by Marcela Sigall, who began with details such as greeting travelers right at the entrance door, or by Rosario Villagra, at explora Patagonia. For instance, she knows exactly who is sitting at her dining room and manages to surprise them one way or another; and now, Maureen, her daughter, is following suit at explora Atacama”, says Romina Da Pieve.

Romina joined explora in 2002 and since then, she has worked in different areas and destinations. She began as a confectioner assistant in explora Atacama, where the head of guides invited her to join the outdoors team. After that, she was a guide and head of guides at Patagonia. Currently, she is based in Santiago from where she takes care of travelers’ experiences during explorations. Throughout her time at explora, she says she has met many female workers who have inspired her in the way in which they focus earnestly in making “explora a company that makes a difference”. Among them, she names Carmen Aguayo, former chef at explora Atacama, Gaela Hourq, horsewoman and guide trainer in the area, Macarena Suárez, former guide at Atacama, and her fellow guides, Paula Crisóstomo and Jessica Dill, the current explorations’ manager.

Jessica DillJessica Dill, Explorations’ Manager

“I see the participation of women in explora as something extremely positive since they contribute to career development, both in work and personally. Empathy, charisma, and the relationships built by most women at explora are essential for the company’s growth and creativeness”, commented Jessica Dill.

As the person in charge of guide recruitment and training, Jessica values the emotional balance achieved by women in their work, both with travelers and peers. According to her, many male guides have suggested that she should increase the number of females in the outdoors team. “Full parity would be ideal. Without women, it wouldn’t be the same”, are some of the comments some have shared with her.

Just like Romina, Jessica has performed in different destinations and posts since 2009, when she joined explora Patagonia as a guide. Throughout the years, she has seen how some women have made a difference for the company and for travelers as well. For her, Marcela Sigall and Giovana Reineri, a former guide who became destination manager, are examples to be pursued. “I think explora wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t recognize the effort and first-rate work done by all our women for the explora family”.

Cristina Riquelme (Titi), Explorations Deputy Head at explora Patagonia

Cristina Riquelme

“We are present in all areas: housekeepers, kitchen and restaurant staff, drivers, janitors, hosts, receptionists, confectioners; etc., and of course, the guides. Each one of these women instill a special meaning in the area in which they work”, comments Cristina. For her, the outstanding features of women are being detailed-oriented, thoughtful and emphatic with peers. And that, according to her point of view, has a positive impact on service.

In 2013, Cristina left her industrial designer career behind to work as a guide in explora Patagonia. Then, she worked as a guide in Rapa Nui and Atacama. Currently, she is explorations deputy head with 19 people to look after. During her career in the company, she has been able to share with “amazing women who have kept their womanliness in such demanding activities as trekking, without losing their group leadership”. They are strong, good-hearted women, with an unyielding character, something I feel very grateful to have a chance to witness”, adds Titi.

Miryan Castaño, Hotel Services Manager

“Undoubtedly, the work of women in explora has made a difference, bringing with them that special something that makes travelers feel like in the house of their dreams, being home more than in a hotel.  The warmth so typical of explora, the welcoming of travelers when they come back from their activities, and that unforgettable mark they take with them when they return home is mostly due to women”, says Miryan Castaño, hotel services manager at explora.

For Miryan, who has been with the company for eight years, the role of women is extremely important in explora. Women have 37% of the posts, featuring positions such as human resource management, experience management, guest experience manager, marketing, branding, shops, CSR, accounting, acquisitions and hotel services. “The loving and warmth-natured women who perform these tasks in every hotel –including the priceless female teams who work as heads of areas, receptions, housekeepers, cooks, waitresses, guides, managerial staff, and janitors– are able to bring corporate goals to reality”.

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