What explora hotel can teach us about life
September 25, 2015

What  explora hotel can teach us about life


There is a universal desire for remote places, lush landscapes, unspoiled nature, starry skies and the silence broken only by the sound of birds and wind in the leaves. In recent years I have had memorable experiences, but still had a growing desire to be “wrapped” into the landscape and to tame it.

Through luxury and the desire to discover the best scenery in South America, I found the explora hotel chain.

EXPLORA! With that name I started well!

Here the idea of luxury is to be inserted naturally into local nature. I have found in explora the opportunity I mentioned at the beginning, to go beyond.

Upon arriving at explora one encounters minimalistic architecture which suggests that: what is essential is outside. The windows are large. The landscape and natural light spill through from one side to another, and you find yourself in a contemplative and serene atmosphere.

Have you seen the photos of the rock formations of Torres del Paine? Well, the hotel is right there. And it is the only one that shares this intimacy with the highlight of the region.

I arrived tired, but excited! There was a small group going trekking and they invited me to go with them. By the way they talked, it seemed easy.

But no way. We climbed a 100 meter mountain with winds of almost 120 km/h! I forgot my fatigue! All I could think was: yes, nature is wild! And yes, I should have put more things into my backpack, and perhaps it would have prevented me from flying off across Patagonia!

Gratifying? Very! Overcoming some limits, breaking some barriers. To see, feel and hear the landscape. There was no screen, no intermediary, nature was just there.

I decided to sleep with the curtains open, and when I opened them, the moon and the stars seemed to fall into the room! The landscape, made me forget the fatigue and get up a second time to take pictures. And in the morning I was surprised by a pink sky!

And so my days and nights continued. Exploring nature and being surprised by it. Chilling out at the spa, interacting with other guests and sleeping with the stars.

I had already imagined that I would like the explora philosophy. But I never thought a hotel could change my idea of luxury, values and make me think.

The rooms only have water and a magnificent view. No refrigerator or internet, some may criticize this, but when you least expect it you’re at the bar talking to someone and having an excellent wine. It’s hard to meet people in hotels. There it´s possible.

I say the same thing regarding the excursions. As they are included, and they talk about them as if they were like any other simple outing, you want to do them all! Don´t worry if you are not in top form, or age or any other “if”. They put something personalized together in which you in your own way, you will challenge your limits and feel like an explorer from the first day!

That is how a hotel where the guides appreciate the journey and not just the destination got an internet addicted blogger to plan her next disconnected trip.


Source: Revista Lounge Brasil

Written by: Karina Sell for blog Kawalk


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