Colonial house becomes the hotel spa in Sacred Valley, Peru
March 15, 2017

Colonial house is restored by explora and becomes the hotel spa in Sacred Valley

After several months of work restoring and remodeling the Pumacahua Bath House, explora has been able to recover this house with more than 400 years of history transforming it into a unique Spa in Sacred Valley.

spa de valle sagrado

The hard work by restoration experts, jointly with the Archaeology Institute of Peru, successfully managed to preserve the cultural and ancient heritage of this region, transforming this house into a museum where explora Valle Sagrado travellers can recharge batteries after a day of exploration.

Located opposite to the main building in the hacienda where the hotel is sited, the Pumacahua Bath House catches the eye immediately. It is clear for anyone that this brilliantly preserved colonial house has its own history to be revealed.

frescos colonialesFrom the beginning, the trail towards the house anticipates what travelers can feel once inside. As they leave the main building behind, walking over one of the hacienda’s four Inca platforms, the remains of the Inca legacy gain increasing strength. First are the platforms with more than 500 years of history, and then the Pumacahua Bath House. This house was built in the seventeenth century and belonged to one of the heroes of Peru’s Independence, Inca cacique Mateo Pumacahua, who led the Cusco rebellion in 1814.

Sited on Inca foundations, this building remains as a token of Spanish construction techniques in the area, built on top of Inca walls. Both inside the house as well as in some outside walls, visitors can appreciate several colonial frescoes.

An outdoor pool and Jacuzzis, massage rooms, a saunas and a steam bath are all available for travelers to restore their energy after exploring with the team of guides. Taking a bath looking at the mountains that were once part of the Inca Empire, or taking refuge in a room within walls with more than 400 years of history is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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