Packing tips for an exploration experience.
February 8, 2017

Packing tips for an exploration experience

Packing before a trip can always be complicated as travelers need to decide what to wear the next few days. Before getting to it, they check the weather forecast and take out clothing from their closet, but often don’t know where to start.

Packing tips

To help you and because we know that choosing clothes for destinations such as Torres del Paine or Atacama –where weather conditions change often– is no easy task, please check these five tips explora has for you. We think there is no bad weather, only inadequate clothing.

1. Think about your destination and the activities you have planned

If you are going to horseback ride or do a trekking at more than 4,000 meters (13,000 feet), you are likely to need different things to wear. For every activity you will need to wear something different so our tips are classified by type of activity. That said, we recommend you to be prepared for everything. The idea is for your bag to be your partner in your adventures and not a restriction when you are going out exploring.

2. The key is in the layers

For any activity with drastic temperature fluctuations –either to do physical exercises or changes in altitude– you need to choose garments that keep your body dry so you don’t feel cold once sweat cools down. The first layer is aimed at keeping sweat away from your body; the second layer provides heat insulation protecting you from cold weather; while the third layer protects you from rain, wind and sweat (allowing it to exit).

3. Comfort first

Being comfortable is extremely important so that you can enjoy and feel good. When you go out to explore you need to wear clothing that is not too tight and helps you move flexibly. Inadequate clothing can totally ruin your exploration. You don’t want to feel discomfort while walking, or an unpleasant rub while bike riding, or cold hands, just to name a few of the things we want you to avoid.

4. What you cannot miss

Protecting from UV rays is no longer an option; today, you must protect yourself to prevent sun-related problems. Always apply sun screen and take along sunglasses to wear them when needed. Finally, don’t forget to bring a small backpack. You will use it to carry water, take the required accessories to explore and put away some of the layers you take off during the exploration.

5. All-weather shoes and confortable shoes

Adequate shoes are a must to go out in an exploration. Without them, it’s extremely hard to enjoy an expedition at its fullest. We suggest trekking shoes or mountain boots, depending on what you will be doing. It is important that you wear them before making the trip –where you will need to wear them on a daily basis– so that they are no longer rigid and had the chance to adapt to your feet. We also recommend you to bring confortable leisure trainers to switch with the trekking shoes; you don’t want to be wearing the same shoes the whole day long.

For more information, check the following links for detailed adequate clothing tips for each destination:

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