Outdoor team performs first assessment of next explora guides 
May 2, 2016

Outdoor team performs first assessment of next explora guides

On past April 30, explora’s outdoor team and pre-candidates to our School of Guides climbed the Manquehue hill. This activity was aimed at assessing their physical conditions and skills to become the next guides in explora Patagonia, Atacama and Rapa Nui.

evaluacion guias

Applicants arrived around 8:15 in the morning. With different motivations and from the most diverse working environments, the 40 applicants came with their backpacks, adequate gear and the desire to become part of the team.

María is a young Argentinean woman. She has been living in Chile for more than six months and wants to be an explora guide. At the age of 30, she took a year-long sabbatical to travel around the world. Upon coming back to her country, María realized that the economic situation was quite unfavorable. So she decided to pack her things and cross the Andes. Currently, she works at a travel agency and explora is among the hotels she sells. She often searched for vacant positions at www.explora.com and suddenly she found out that explora was looking for guides. María would love to “make work fit together with what she enjoys the most”. For her, being in nature and showing its wealth tops it all.

Marcela, another applicant, worked as a receptionist at explora Atacama until September 2015. During her stay she always cherished the idea of becoming a guide. She first heard about explora in 2001 when she visited San Pedro de Atacama with her family. Currently, Marcela works as a freelance guide in the desert and says that “this activity is a good way to gauge our own skills, but also an extremely good opportunity to get to know each other”.

When the recruitment process began, Diego heard from a friend that explora was looking for guides. He was excited about the idea of concurrently working and developing his passion for nature. Diego comes from Buenos Aires and has been working in Chile for two years in a company that provides business intelligence services. At the age of 32, he thinks that leaving his career aside for a while to do something that he really enjoys would be good for him. He was always wondering what would happen if he actually did it, as if he had a pending issue. For Diego, explora’s philosophy matches his way of thinking. “Finding luxury in what is essential, in nature and in simplicity; that is the greatest wealth”.

Gabriela Arriagada, a university professor of ethics, talks with other applicants. According to her point of view, all of them are there because they want to do something different, escape routine and develop their passion for nature.

Cristóbal traveled from the Torres del Paine National Park to take part in this activity. Currently, he is a guide assistant and is motivated by the idea of showing what our country has to offer and learning about other cultures.

The activity extended for five hours, during which applicants climbed the Manquehue hill along with four evaluators. Theses evaluators were in charge of assessing the applicants’ conditions and skills and to talk with them to learn about what brought them there.

At the end, 24 were shortlisted to pass to the third stage of selection. In the next couple of days they will get an e-mail with this information. Next, they will have two interviews and one physical examination. Once the process is over, the guides selected for Patagonia and Rapa Nui will travel to their destinations by the end of June, and by the end of August, they will meet with the future Atacama guides in Colunquén.

Good luck in what’s left of the process.


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