Open calendar in Patagonia during february 2017.
October 4, 2016

Open calendar during february in Patagonia

Enjoying greater flexibility in our experience in Patagonia is an opportunity many were waiting for.

Vuelos a Puerto Natales

You can now arrive at explora at the Torres del Paine National Park every day of the week during February*. Direct flights between Santiago and Puerto Natales were announced for this season, which will shorten transfer times. We will now be able to pick up and leave travellers more frequently than with our regular schedule.

With this announcement, getting off the plane and being less than two hours away from explora Patagonia will be a reality.

*Transfer from Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas airports to explora Patagonia is in charge of third-party companies. Additional costs apply for dates different than our regular  check-in and check-out dates. Minimum stay is four-nights.

january 02january 06january 10january 14
january 18january 22january 26january 30
february 3february 7february 10february 15
february 19february 23february 27march 3
march 7march 11march 15november 15
november 19november 23november 27december 1
december 5december  9december 13december 17
december 21december 27

One way trip’s rates:

explora Patagonia – Punta Arenas: USD 500 each reservation.

explora Patagonia- Puerto Natales: USD 150 each reservation.

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