Five reasons why exploring Atacama is a unique experience
September 14, 2017

Five reasons why exploring Atacama is an unforgettable experience

San Pedro de Atacama and its surroundings is one of the most enigmatic territories in Chile. The oasis, the plateau, and the desert surprise us with landscapes that seem to come from another world, offering us inexhaustible exploration horizons.  Below, you will find five reasons why to live the explora experience in Atacama, listed by The New York Times among the “52 places to visit in 2017”.

1. Look up the stars at the clearest sky in the world from our observatory

Observatory at explora Atacama

The sky at San Pedro de Atacama is one of the clearest skies in the world to look at the starts and all kinds of astronomic phenomena, and at explora, we have the privilege to own an observatory within our property. Inside the dome, there is a powerful telescope, the Meade 16” f/10 LX200R Advanced RD, with advanced optics and a main 40-cm diameter mirror of high resolution and clearness. Depending on the weather conditions, you may attend a night observation in one of the most incredible shows offered by nature.

2. Enjoy an exclusive swimming-pool at the Puritama Hot Springs

Termas de Puritama, San Pedro de Atacama

With 7,500 hectares, the Puritama Nature Reserve is a unique territory located in the middle of the desert. Unlike the landscapes prevailing in this region, this site is not remarkable for its dryness but on the contrary: water. Our travelers can explore between the river and the walls that shape the ravine, passing through the habitat of the Andean mountain at, one of the world’s less-studied endangered species. Following such walk, our travelers exclusively enjoy the first of the eight wells of the Puritama Hot Springs. The contact with this water at a temperature of 32ºC is an energizing experience both for the body and the spirit.

3. Special lessons to explore on horse

Clases de caballo, San Pedro de Atacama, hotel explora

Horses are an important part of explora and have been our faithful partners in the exploration history. Horseback riding through the desert and its landscapes results in different expectations and sensations than on foot. That is why we provide our travelers with horses specially tamed to explore the desert geography. If you are a novice, we offer special lessons so you can be able to take part in the horse exploration programs for beginners.

4. Bike riding at more than 13,000 feet

Pedalear en el altiplano

At explora, we believe that exploration possibilities are infinite. That is why we are continuously searching for new routes along which to expand our horizons. This year, as part of our search, we have created the first bike route by the high Andean plateau, providing our travelers with a unique and exclusive experience.

5. Lunch in the middle of the desert and under the trees

Cúcuter, almuerzo entre chañares

Cúcuter is one of our favorite meeting sites. It is a large field in the middle of the desert surrounded by chañares or Chilean palos verdes, where we often meet for lunch following the morning explorations. Sharing among travelers in this oasis in the middle of the desert, in this landscape and enjoying our food, is an exceptional experience.

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