Explora solo utilizará huevos de gallinas libres en sus hoteles
December 16, 2019

Explora will only use free-range chicken eggs in all its hotels

We are the first company in the industry to take this pro-animal welfare choice.

Our commitment with the environment and conservation adds one new milestone: as of 2019, all the eggs used in our destinations come from free-range chickens. This also includes processed products and products that contain eggs among its ingredients.

This decision is yet another token of the sustainable and environmentally-friendly efforts we make as a company. We are committed to ensuring that our operations have the least possible impact on the places where we are located.

Unlike other production systems, free-range husbandry allows chickens to roam freely outdoors and conduct their basic animal behavior, such as searching for food, pecking the ground, and dust-bathing. This prevents overcrowding and the use of cages that restrict animal welfare.

Explora is the first company in Chile’s hospitality and exploration industry to undertake this commitment with animal welfare. We will be expanding this effort to our operation in Peru and our future launchings in Argentina and Bolivia.

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